Countdown 51A-2DC recently announced a big pact with MySpace, the social networking site that is increasingly getting involved with comics. Today the pact erupts in a joyous union, as COUNTDOWN, the eagerly awaited new weekly comics from DC, is previewed at the main MySpace comics portal. There’s also a new DCNation profile to befriend.

This is all pretty forward looking of DC, and we hear through the grapevine that MySpace will be running much more comics stuff in the future, including very prominent placement for some of their promotions. And of course, we are always happy to view the art of Jesus Saiz and Jimmy Palmiotti.


  1. Hipster kids read anything Miller, Moore, or Morrison.

    They only read trades. And they are starting to read Gaiman and Bendis’ Daredevil.

    Frank Miller is the current king of Hollywood.

    America is finally starting to understand that sequential art can be viewed as mature literature. And with Myspace sensing which way the wind is blowing, things have nowhere to go but up.

    This is a fantastic sign for the comics medium. Myspace Cred!

  2. Re: the above art. It’s very well drawn, but I don’t think we can give this to kids, who are our new readers. Need “mature” always mean gory, violent, or (but not in this case) over sexed. Not to say I don’t like all these things in comics (sometimes) but this is DC. People take their kids to DC for Superman and Batman, who kids love. This is just more of the same… another mistake, but hey, I’m sure there’s someone out there ready to tell me I’m wrong. I just thought this is what we’ve been trying to fix.

  3. Kids are no longer the new readers. They haven’t been for years. Teenagers are. Kids are the target fish to bite the flashy spandex lure, and only until they’re in their teens will they be able to afford comics for any amout of leisure. Teens-early 20s are the new money market.