Let’s get this weekend started right with an extended clip of The Drinky Crow Show at Funny or Die. Be sure to vote Funny…unless you are like, an UnAmerican pinko commie loser or something.

Tony Millionaire reminds us that if you REALLY want to see MORE Drinky Crow — and who wouldn’t? — you need to go here and tell everyone so. Face it, tiger, it’s got vomit and injuries to the eye — it’s perfect for Adult Swim!


  1. This from http://adultswim.com

    Hey guys,

    Starting Monday, [adultswim.com] will have one minute trailers for ALL of the pilots that will air next Monday:

    Super Jail

    Drinky Crow

    Fat Guy Stuck In the Internet

    Crooked ‘Sip


    Let’s Fish

    Check them out and see what you think. Then, on Friday, after they premiere on the Fix, we will start a poll for you guys to vote on which pilots you liked. So, if you have a favorite, make sure you get a ton of people to vote on it.