We had a lot of thoughts about this year that just was, but it has all been wiped away by a massive clean up effort at Stately Beat Manor that has dragged us through the 80s and 90s via the wonders of closet cleaning. A few strong impressions of only the past 12 months remain, though.

Our favorite new album: a toss-up between Simian Mobile Disco’s Attack Decay Sustain Release and the Klaxon’s Myths of the Near Future but we don’t actually buy very many albums, so this comes under the realm of preference onle.

Favorite movies: likewise, we didn’t attend enough films to make any kind of informed best of list, but we did enjoy Ratatouille, No Country for Old Men, Super Bad and The Simpsons Movie. We did not see Stardust, Ghost Rider or Beowulf. we did not enjoy Spider-Man 3, FF 2 or Pirates 3.

This kind of stuff makes us sad.

The Big Dig Ends!

“Don’t taze me, bro.”

And: Please stop superpoking us. Really. We mean it.


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