The comics-dedicated crowdfunding platform Zoop launched in 2021 as an alternative to Kickstarter, and expanded its lineup of projects and creators to an even wider variety last year. Now the crowdfunder is kicking off 2023 with a new slate of projects. Among the creators with new projects on Zoop are Paul AllorJuan RomeraClaire NapierKraig RasmussenJeff Douglas MesserCam Kerkau, and Kostas Pantoulas.

Since the platform’s launch, Zoop has hosted 60 successful crowdfunding campaigns. In a statement announcing the new projects, Zoop CEO Jordan Plosky shared his enthusiasm for the lineup and creators coming to the platform:

“We’re incredibly excited to be starting 2023 with such a bang.  Not only are we working with established veterans, such as Paul Allor, but Jeff Messer has run hugely successful campaigns before, and we’re thrilled to work with someone who’s making their name in crowdfunding.  We’ve got something for everyone this month, so we appreciate you checking out the campaigns, and supporting these amazing creators!”

Check out a full rundown of the upcoming projects below. Look for all four projects to go live throughout January.

Pink Midnight Presents: The Butterfly House by Paul Allor, Juan Romera & Claire Napier 

Pink Midnight Presents: The Butterfly House is the first in a planned series of weird, one-shot comic books. This first issue is a silent descent into one person’s nightmare, as our protagonist enters the titular Butterfly House — and soon discovers they may never be able to leave. This is a deeply personal story for Paul, part existential horror story, part allegory for Paul’s own discovery of their gender identity.

Odds & Ends, Books I & II by Kraig Rasmussen

Odds & Ends is a collection of comics done for Film/TV pitches, small press publications, experimental comics, personal works, and more – science fiction & humor stories that ended up shelved or out of print – and gives them new life in gorgeous graphic novel packaging.

Sex, Spies & Rock ‘n Roll Vol. 3 by Jeff Douglas Messer

The continuing serialized adventures of “The Hitman,” “Cowboy,” and “Gulag-a-go-go” are combined with new stories with new sex, new spies, and more rock ‘n roll. New artists from around the world (Italy, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia) join the series regulars (from Mexico, Italy, Egypt, and the USA) in these retro-1980s adventures, unfolding the wider tapestry of the Sex, Spies, & Rock ‘N Roll universe of characters!

Gilgamesh: Eternal #1-2 by Cam Kerkau and Kostas Pantoulas

The Epic of Gilgamesh is the world’s oldest story, dating back almost five millennia. But Gilgamesh’s dilemma is something that remains relevant to us all today, and always will. How can you live peacefully after you’ve been truly confronted by your own mortality?