Earlier this week, BOOM! Studios made the surprise announcement that James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas‘s Wynd, originally announced as a graphic novel for release in November, will now be released as a series of 40+-page single issues beginning next month. Now the publisher has revealed, exclusive to The Beat, a pair of variant covers for Wynd #1, featuring art by Dan Mora and Peach Momoko.

Here’s the variant cover for Wynd #1 by Dan Mora, which will be open to order for retailers:

Wynd #1 Variant Cover

And here’s Peach Momoko’s variant cover for the issue. Per Diamond, retailers will be able to order one copy of the Momoko variant for every 25 copies of Wynd #1 ordered:

Wynd #1 Variant Cover

Additionally, BOOM! will also use Mora’s uncolored line art as a one-per-store variant cover, part of their Day One Retailer Support program:

The variant covers join Dialynas’s regular cover for Wynd #1. Yesterday BOOM! revealed covers for all four issues of the mini-series, which you can see below. The fantasy series follows a young boy named Wynd as he struggles to keep his magical heritage and burgeoning abilities a secret.

The surprise announcement of Wynd just a month prior to its launch is a first for BOOM! Studios, who cited the current difficulties retailers are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for what they called a “one-time” move. I’m sure the inclusion of Tynion IV, writer of hit books like BOOM!’s Something is Killing the Children and DC’s Batman, also made the decision a little easier.

With a cover price of $4.99, Wynd #1 goes on sale on Wednesday, June 17th. The preorder cutoff date for the issue and its variant covers is next Monday, May 25th.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mis-titled James Tynion IV’s other BOOM! Studios series. The series is called Something is Killing the Children, not Something is Killing the Chicken.


  1. No problem. I understand correcting it. But now, I wish I could read that alternative universe version. I imagine it starting with Erica Slaughter heading over to the Tyson Foods plant to find out what’s been happening to all the chickens. Maybe this alternative universe is similar to the one Spider Ham is in, where everyone is a farm animal? Someone needs to make that happen.

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