Batman scribe James Tynion IV is reuniting with The Woods co-creator Michael Dialynas for a young adult fantasy trilogy, alongside letterer Aditya BidikarThe Hollywood Reporter revealed the news Tuesday; the trilogy is entitled Wynd and the first book, The Flight of the Prince, hits shelves from BOOM! Studios in November.

According to the series description from BOOM!, Wynd is “about learning to spread your wings no matter the dangers that life puts in your way.” The coming-of-age tale will explore Wynd’s love for the groundskeeper’s son, his magical heritage, and his adventures with his best friend Oakley.

In a statement, Tynion said, “I was 16 years old the first time I wrote the name Wynd down on a piece of paper. I carried a binder of ideas around my high school with me, and I’d edit them in class, while I was meant to be paying attention to the lesson of the day. It’s the ur-story that every story I’ve told since comes from, in one way or another. The fantasy I built for my friends and I to live in, when the real world seemed too harsh and strange. It’s the story of a boy, touched by magic in a world that fears the way that magic can twist and change you. It’s a story about growing up. In a lot of ways, it’s a story about me. And I’ve been waiting half my life to tell it.”

“Creating Wynd’s world has been a delight, and it has all of my favourite things to draw in it,” added Dialynis, also in a statement. “I really can’t wait for you all to join me and James on this new exciting adventure!”

Wynd Book One: The Flight of the Prince will be available at your local comic shop and your local bookstore in November, as well as through digital platforms including the BOOM! Studios online store. For more information, visit