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Marvel reveals 80th anniversary frame variants

Marvel's birthday extravaganza continues.

SDCC ’19: Variant covers, t-shirts, and pins highlight Marvel’s SDCC exclusives

Over three-dozen items will be available from Marvel exclusively at SDCC.

Exclusive: Valiant Reveals LIVEWIRE #9-12 Pre-Order Bundle & Variant Covers

The pre-order bundle includes variant covers by Jen Bartel, Elsa Charretier, Kat Hudson and Chandler Ford.

HOUSE OF X #1 Variant Covers Spotlight the History of the...

The covers for Jonathan Hickman's upcoming X-Men relaunch feature art by classic X-Men artists and newer superstars.

Villain-centric variant covers put the spotlight on Marvel’s biggest baddies

The nearly two-dozen variant covers will feature characters like Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Thanos, and Killmonger.

New Spidey Variants Show Off His Best Costumes

Swing, swing, fashion Spidey...

Interview: Brian Azzarello and Sierra Hahn on the provocations of faith,...

Brian Azzarello and María Llovet look at sex, faith, and devils in FAITHLESS.

Cats take center stage in new feline-themed Marvel variant covers

The future of the Marvel Universe rests in these cats' paws!