Jen Sorenson illustrates a troubling story from a friend that has a little bit of pay back at the end.

But not nearly enough.


  1. Wow. Just…wow. Hooray to Jen’s friend for making her story known to an audience beyond her friends and family. She is brave and enlightened.

  2. What is it about rape of all the crimes people can commit that makes people into such huge assholes? “I don’t believe this happened. Nobody rapes anybody. It’s a hoax like global warming.”

  3. @ Allen Rubinstein, I don’t believe in God so sadly I can’t pray for you, though I am hopeful that in the event of any afterlife, there is special sort of hell waiting for you and any other dicksplash with a similar mental disorder that you exhibit.
    Do you have a blog/website? I am beginning work on a cartoon about a giant asshat seen holding an amended banner with the legend ”The End Is N̶i̶g̶h̶ Not Nigh” and passing on his wisdom at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, The Deaf Society and other places where such rantings go completely unheard.

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