Another new line of digital comics? Yes. Comicker, founded by Saori Adams and Sean E. Williams (Fairest) as a plat form to serialize digital comics. Collections can be purchased at DriveThru and eventually Comixology and a subscription mobile app, developed by The Horizon Factory. Adams:

“We realized that not all readers want their comics the same way, so we’re giving them as many options as possible.  One size doesn’t fit all anymore.”

“The same goes for creators,” Williams added. “We’ve talked to tons of professionals who can’t take on a full second series, but have enough time for a few pages per month.  Our release schedule and format gives them that flexibility.  As a writer myself, this was something I wanted to see happen personally.”

There are eventual print plans. More of the duo’s thougths can be found in the piece from the Austin Daily Herald.

The line is launching with five titles


• “The Casebook of Rabbit Black,” written and illustrated by Kate Sherron.


• “Some Kind of Blue Moon,” written by Michael D. Stewart, illustrated by Thomas Boatwright and lettered by James Greatorex.

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•”Grimfish,” written and illustrated by Aaron Pillman.


• “Lost Angels,” Written by David Accamp and illustrated by Chris Anderson.


• “Artful Daggers,” (webcomic edition) co-written by Sean E. Williams with Adam P. Knave, art by Andrew Losq and lettering by Frank Cvetkovic.


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