The ShortBox Comics Fair comes to a close with October, but if you’re reading this, there’s still time. Zainab Akhtar‘s beloved annual online digital indie comics festival is well worth investigating for those who haven’t visited before. And honestly, it stays enticing even after you’ve been. More cool books seem to materialize each time you go back. Everything is available for purchase and download from shortboxcomicsfair dot com but only during the duration of the Fair. Which means the SBCF is entering its final week.

For the what and the why, an official statement from the Fair:

2023ShortBox Comics Fair is an innovative and pioneering digital comics fair, with participating artists from around the world all debuting new, original comics! The aim of the fair is to serve as both a creative impetus for artists to make something new, and to provide a platform for fresh and unique independent comics, gathered in one place. ShortBox Comics Fair is an accessible, comics-focused event: artists and comics readers can participate from anywhere in the world (no travel, no con-crud, no lugging suitcases full of comics back and forth!). The fair takes place annually throughout October. Exhibiting artists retain full ownership/rights of their comics and receive 100% of sales (minus payment processing fees).

The who is a list of exhibitors over a hundred strong.

Not to worry, though, as the how– the ShortBox website- features “genre-racking.” Pick a category from the sidebar that interests you, and then page through the comics that suit that inclination. Fun choices, too. Friendship, Food, and Body Horror are all pretty straightforward, but To Be Consumed is uh interesting. If it means what I think it does, give me some please. To further pique your interest in shopping the Fair, here’s a (lengthy) preview with an example of what you’ll find from each category.


Go! Go! Proton: Time Loop by Mischf Press
When the Time King locks life into a loop, who can save us?

Go! Go! Proton

Go! Go! Proton


Wee Wanderings by Cynthia Yuan Cheng
A shōjo-inspired travelogue.

Wee Wanderings

Wee Wanderings

Body Horror

Pilaghost by Celestine Kronberger
Word to the wise, don’t join the wrong medical study.


PilaghostCats, Cat Cafes, Catboys

Connector by bothpalms
Catboy space detectives (multiple siren emojis)!


Coming Of Age

Randy & Lee by Angie Kang
A hot summer day, when you were younger, lasts.

Randy and LeeRandy and Lee


World Heist by Linnea Sterte
Two thieves trip out while cosmically trespassing.

Read our reviews of Sterte’s graphic novels Stages of Rot here and A Frog in the Fall (and Later On) here.

World HeistWorld Heist

Death & Grief

Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist by Asia Miller
Somebody’s got to do something when a friend goes missing.

Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your FistYour Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist


Drifting by Madita Schwenke
Roommate problems are rarely so mysterious.



say a by abuelaignea
To read is to be changed.

say asay a

Fairytale & Folklore

The Hawk and the Rabbit by Hwei
Once upon a time, a kind spirit was compelled to care for their enemy.

The Hawk and the RabbitThe Hawk and the Rabbit


My Father Was a Good Man by Adeline Kon
Horror movie revenge cuts close to the bone.

My Father Was a Good ManMy Father Was a Good Man


Iron by Alissa Sallah
Curiosity and prophecy coalesce into a form unforeseen despite the dreams.



My Unhinged Food Diary by Shazleen Khan
They say food is life; this diary comic deep dives into delicious detail.

My Unhinged Food DiaryMy Unhinged Food Diary


Ocean by Lucie Bryon
Toots and Boots– time paradox agents (multiple siren emojis)!

Read our culture piece on manga’s global influence, featuring Bryon’s graphic novel Thieves (and Jade Armstrong’s Scout is Not a Band Kid), here.


From Enemies To…

Crossed Signals by mxiiha
There’s no relief for the tension between these two…

Crossed SignalsCrossed Signals

Fun & Feel-Good

PIPOLI: I Funked Up by Chelsea Akpan
Whatever these creatures are, you can bet they’re just like us.



The Quiet End of the Mundane Age by Theo Stultz
Two archivists tasked to file the lost art of magic.

The Quiet End of the Mundane AgeThe Quiet End of the Mundane Age


Marrow by Sloane Hong
It’s quiet down on the farm.



Bunny Punch by Michael Furler
This bunny just wants to eat Sludge.

Read our review of Furler’s graphic novel Bark Bark Girl here.

Bunny PunchBunny Punch


Blue Hour by M Suarez-Thai
Learn to love music, among other things.

Blue HourBlue Hour


A Walk in the Park by Winnie Chua
A stroll will clear your head.

A Walk in the ParkA Walk in the Park


Stinking Benjamins by Jade Armstrong
A story about getting too lost in the moment to get lost in the moment.

Read our culture piece on manga’s global influence, featuring Armstrong’s graphic novel Scout is Not a Band Kid (and Lucie Bryon’s Thieves), here.

Stinking BenjaminsStinking Benjamins


The Things We Carve by Chan Chau
Crafting something for yourself, after work, yeah that can be a struggle.

Read our interview with Chau on adapting a Baby-Sitter’s Club novel, Kristy and the Snobs, into a comic here.

The Things We CarveThe Things We Carve


I’m Stuck in Retrograde by Jade Zhang
Be sure you don’t get trapped in your memories while reliving them.

I'm Stuck in RetrogradeI'm Stuck in Retrograde


A Three Body Problem by Tan Juan Gee
Cybernetic identity mystery gleans ennui from space scrap.

A Three Body ProblemA Three Body Problem


Earthly worm catches the early bird discount by Disa Wallander
Exactly what it sounds like.

Read our review of Wallander’s graphic novel Becoming Horses here.

Earthly WormsEarthly Worm


Meryl by CA Strike
Learn what a cat knows.



Pickled Onions by Blue Delliquanti
Recipes for utility.

Pickled OnionsPickled Onions


House For Rent: Good Condition by Lily Vie
Even ghosts get bored after a while. Some places just suck.

House For RentHouse For Rent


Parasocial Activity by Pearl Law
Trading stories about your bias at their concert opens unexpected doors.

Parasocial ActivityParasocial Activity


The Future Saints by Niv Sekar
Stories told by memory assume the form of desire.

The Future SaintsThe Future Saints


FRDMGIRL by kyibr
A hero, and adventure, and- of course- trouble.


Silent Comics

Jack by Megan Llewellyn
The only light in the woods at night becomes a terrible beacon.



Cheating (Academically) by Andy Peña
Also exactly what it sounds like.

Cheating (Academically)Cheating (Academically)

Slightly Spooky

Galatean Girlfriend by Imogen Mangle
Breaking boundaries, breaking promises, paranormal consequences.

Galatean GirlfriendGalatean Girlfriend

Social Commentary

CYBERWEB by Jeffrey Kam
The Net is vast (enough to change your mind).



Light Through Memory by Jean Wei
Astronomy before telescopes.

Light Through MemoryLight Through Memory

Sports (Or Something Like It)

French Exit by Elle Shivers
That one interview after they’ve stopped playing.

French ExitFrench Exit

To Be Consumed

All Was Right with the World by Arty Nicharee
The tragedy that heavenly bodies can’t touch.

All Was Right with the WorldAll Was Right with the World

If you’re interested in more, boy howdy is there. You know the where. Head over to the SBCF website for a stunning array of original and provocative comics. As for the when, again, the last day is October 31st!
Last year, SBCF saw about 60,000 unique visitors in the whole of October. This year, they had over 20,000 in the first twenty-four hours. The first week they hit last year’s total unique attendants. Might as well make ’em have a strong closing week, too.

If you’re interested in being in the 2024 ShortBox Comics Fair, applications are open until November 9th.