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the oracle code

REVIEW: Sunken horrors and haunted houses in THE ORACLE CODE

Nijkamp and Preitano re-write the girl detective story for Barbara Gordon

REVIEW: Noelle Stevenson’s THE FIRE NEVER GOES OUT is an earnest,...

The Fire Never Goes Out Written and illustrated by Noelle Stevenson Published by Harper You’ve felt this story before, though you’ve never read it. I mean that...

REVIEW: Healthy cynicism and high art in Kyle Baker’s WHY I...

Kyle Baker's alchemy of filmic trash was a harbinger of the decade to come, and of every one since.

REVIEW: SNAPDRAGON and the roadkill witch

Kat Leyh’s graphic novel finds meaning in old bones and other relationships laid to rest.

REVIEW: THE SEEKER, a ring and a pumpkin to wake the...

Liz Valasco tells the tale of a Halloween night gone pear-shaped.

EX.MAG is international cyberpunk love fantasy comics

Peow’s genre anthology focuses on story and art, not conventions.

REVIEW: KID GLOVES is in love with the sublime disaster of...

Lucy Knisley reports on pregnancy, the original hero's journey.

REVIEW: NAUSICAÄ is an amaranthine fable of flight and fate

Miyazaki's insect auspex struggles for peace in a world poisoned by men.

REVIEW: The relatable blasphemy, misandry of REDLANDS

The fine line between murder and ritual sacrifice matters in this contemporary cult masterpiece.

On the Scene: MICE is still the paragon of punk zine...

#MICE2019 is proof Boston's heart beats to an unconventional rhythm.

REVIEW: Ken Koyama’s LITTLE MISS P is your terrifying new best...

Your period is coming to visit, and she’s bringing punches.

REVIEW: In Willumsen’s BRADLEY OF HIM, emptiness is complicated

Willumsen’s graphic novel puts a grotesque price tag on solitude.