Today’s trailers are all about the villains.

First up – a new trailer for Darevil, which is available (all at once, for your binge-watching pleasure) April 11 on Netflix. This trailer focuses heavily on the dynamic between Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Daredevil (Charlie Cox). The vibe is definitely a gritty one, focused on cleaning up the streets rather than saving the world.

Next up is The Flash, which has been on a short break and returns March 17. Mark Hamill, who originally portrayed The Trickster in the original Flash series on CBS, reprises the role in the upcoming episodes.  An aged Trickster played by Hamill feels like a nice bit of meta continuity.

Are you looking forward to either of these? Personally I feel D’Onofrio and Hamill are great draws for both.


  1. Is it even called Hell’s Kitchen anymore? I thought it was called Clinton now and that only rich people can live there.

  2. “I wanted to be a vigilante and clean up the rough scum from the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, but then they got priced out during gentrification and then I did too. I shall follow them to the Outer Boroughs (before we are all priced out of there to North Bergen, NJ.)”

  3. The guy looks great as Kingpin, but I get a serious “Dark Knight” vibe from the whole thing. Enough that I’m giving it a pass unless I hear that it’s fantastic.

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