We’ve finally reached the place where cartoonists are giving dating advice in short videos. That it is the SEX CRIMINALS team of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky should come as no surprise, as they were seemingly genetically bred for this task. The duo appear in a video on EW to talk about their new “advice” book Just the Tips and tell some dating stories. Zdarsky definitely wins this one, and it’s true if there’s no one to talk to, breaking up is hard.

Sex Criminals is one of Image’s most successful ongoigns (in October it charted at #119) because a) it’s a good book and b) Fraction and Zdarsky have concocted one of the greatest marketing campaigns for a comic book in recent years. And yeah, having the word “Sex” in the title helps, but come on, did anyone see “brimping” coming?

EW won’t let me embed the video but hit the link and you will see all.