Halloween is just around the corner, and I think we can all agree that going out is something we’d like to avoid like the devil! Although the big box Spirit Halloween stores may be tempting, thanks to COVID-19, it’s not like you’re going to Halloween parties this year anyway. But, if you still want to dress to impress, here are some ideas for comics closet cosplays.

What are closet cosplays? Basically, they are costumes you can assemble from items in your closet, without having to leave the house. Now, not everyone will have the items listed below, but that’s okay. You’ll probably have at least some of the items. Here are some comics and comics-related media themed closet cosplays!

Batman Closet Cosplays

So, you probably can’t do the whole batsuit, but you could dress as various characters in their more casual-wear. For Bruce Wayne, you could pull out a suit and tie, if you’ve got one (rose optional).

Bruce Wayne in his not-batsuits could be a perfect closet cosplay

Then there’s trusty Commissioner Gordon, with his trench coat, shirt and tie and some kind of slacks, as well as his ever-present glasses and mustache. The mustache might be the toughest part if you’re not able to grow one–maybe some brown yarn might do the trick (cigar very optional).

Gordon might make a good closet cosplay

Obviously, we don’t all have Harley Quinn’s red and black jumpsuit, but it’s possible you could put together a Dr. Harleen Quinzel cosplay. White coat (if you don’t have a lab coat–scientist nerds unite!), black and red ensemble of some kind. Glasses, of course, and a clipboard with a notepad so you can make all those notes about the Joker and all the other inhabitants of Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel of Batman: The Animated Series

Finally, Dr. Pamela Isley. You probably won’t be able to pass off her green, ivy-colored jumpsuit, but you could replicate her outfit from Harley Quinn, if you own lots of green clothing. Green jacket, white tank top, green leggings–it’s a favorite cartoon costume of mine, and it might be fun to see who on social media gets the reference. You might even have green lipstick to top it off (probably don’t color your skin green, though).

Dr. Pamela Isley in the Harley Quinn series--a fun closet cosplay idea

Alfred Pennyworth would also be an easy one–find a vest or cardigan, button-up, and slacks, maybe a serving tray and a British accent (Cockney or no). Dry sense of humor required. It really just depends on what Alfred you want to be. Animated series? Michael Caine? Jeremy Irons? Maybe Michael Gough, if you’re going old school?

Alfred Pennyworth, if you're feeling fancy

Avengers cosplays

Obviously, doing some of the Avengers would be difficult–Black Widow/Natasha Romanov is almost always in a catsuit, Thor has armor (unless you want to do Depressed Thor) and Hulk is…well. But there are a few characters who have a tendency to dress casually when they’re out of their super suits.

Tony Stark just needs a band t-shirt; no really, that’s one of his most iconic looks, be it Black Sabbath or another 20th-century band that Peter Parker wouldn’t get. You could also find a cool pair of sunglasses and some kind of tech to wear. Oh, and swagger. You have to have the swagger down. If you can’t grow facial hair, maybe some marker will do. Or colored paper.

Tony Stark would make for cool closet cosplays

If you’ve got the muscles for it (and surely some of you do), you could dress up in the outfits that make Steve Rogers look like the old man he is–the plaid shirts and old man slacks from any of The Avengers movies, but definitely the first one. Maybe you can even find a log to rip in half in your backyard.

Steve Rogers ripping a log in half; not required for closet cosplays

Peter Parker is along the lines of Tony Stark, just with a nerdy t-shirt you can get bullied for instead of a band t-shirt. A backpack, a Joe’s Pizza box, and even a camera could top off some closet cosplays. Peter might be the easiest of them all, considering how identifiable he is.

Peter Parker with his camera...ah Andrew Garfield, gone too soon

Plus, if you have roommates or family members who also want to cosplay Parker, it can easily be converted into a Spider-Verse themed group costume!

You’re cosplaying Spider-Man. No, YOU’RE cosplaying Spider-Man!

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is also an option. The outfit she steals when she crashlands on Earth during the movie could be fun, so long as you have a leather jacket, baseball cap, and another band T-shirt. If you have a cat, bring them along for your social media photoshoot (if they’re not camera-shy).

Carol Danvers as a not-so fancy casual outfit.

As a bonus, with some strategic scissoring and some red dye, any of these Marvel closet costumes can easily become the Marvel Zombies version of the character. Just make sure to put some plastic on the couch before you sit down to marathon some scary movies… fake blood leaves real stains!

Have any other ideas for comics or other fandom closet cosplays? Feel free to comment below with ideas and concepts!