Still no official word on whether or not the acclaimed Harley Quinn animated series has been renewed for a third season. Until then, fans enjoyed the Harley Quinn panel during DC FanDome that proved just as entertaining as the cartoon. Moderated by Shea Serrano, the panel consisted of the voice cast Kaley Cuoco (“Harley”), Lake Bell (“Poison Ivy”), Ron Funches (“King Shark”), Matt Oberg (“Kite Man”), and Alan Tudyk (“Joker” and “Clayface”) as well as executive producers Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, Dean Lorey and supervising producer Jennifer Coyle.

When Cuoco first met with the show producers, she was instantly smitten with the script and thought it was good enough to be live-action. Considering she wrote/directed/starred in the film In a World… it’s no surprise that Bell admits she’s “obsessed” with voiceover work and was drawn to this depiction of the Poison Ivy character. Funches and Tudyk both worked previously with the producers on the short-lived DC Comics live-action series Powerless. After meeting Halpern casually, Oberg was asked to audition and base his portrayal of Kite Man on a character he did on 30 Rock using his “jerk voice.”

The comedic talent is so overwhelming that Cuoco joked she has to record by herself because she can’t stop laughing. Moreover, she relishes the opportunity to work on a project that allows her to cut loose as an actor. Tudyk echoed Cuoco’s sentiment and feels that Joker “cussing” and using “salty language” is natural.

Hands down, the moment that sent waves last season was the long-awaited Harly/Ivy kiss. It’s a relationship that was built up over the course of the series. Bell marveled at the chemistry she could have with her co-star despite recording separately.

Between his appearances in Harley Quinn and Justice League Dar: Apokolips War this year and next year in both The Suicide Squad film by James Gunn and the Rocksteady Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game, I think it’s safe to say King Shark is having a moment. Anyone familiar with Ron Funches as a comedian can tell the depiction of the King Shark in the show is essentially just him.

Bane is Batman foe I’m sure few expected to have such comedic potential. Lorey said that their take essentially began as a spin of Tom Hardy’s portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises. When they saw a drawing by character designer Shanes Glines, he explained that he figured Bane was a guy who didn’t work on his legs.

Answering a fan question regarding a third season, still no official news. Halpern did tease a potential third season would focus on the Harlivy relationship.

Coyle said she believed she speaks for the entire crew that Harley Quinn is the best thing they’ve ever worked on. Lorey elaborated saying he’d never worked on a show where every department inspired every other department.

Schumacker mentioned he was particularly fond of Harley’s first meeting as part of the Legion of Doom. Incidentally, the upcoming “Red Ink” story he wrote for the Harley Quinn Black + White + Red digital comic series entails a Harley attending a Legion of Doom meeting.

Harley Quinn panel

And with that, the DC FanDome Harley Quinn panel came to a close.