DC Fandome came back for part 2 with more exclusives and fun from some of our favorite franchises! This weekend was all about TV and the Blerd & Boujee house blessed us with some fantastic content. Here’s a recap of three panels I loved, giving us the scoop on some of our favorite DCTV shows.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning kicked off with a blast to the past complete with 90s gear and trivia, moderated by the incomparable Robert Townsend (Meteor Man)! The panel featured Cress Williams (“Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning”), Christine Adams (“Lynn Stewart”), Chine Anne McClain (“Jennifer Pierce/ Lightning”), Nafessa Williams (“Anissa Pierce/ Thunder/ Blackbird”), Marvin “Krondon” Jones III (“Tobias Whale”), James Remar (“Peter Gambi”), and Jordan Calloway (“Khalil Payne/ Painkiller”). The cast talked about the most influential people in their lives, their keys to success, and their hopes for season 4 and more!

On the influential people in their lives: Adams shared that in addition to her mother, actress Diahann Carroll (Carmen Jones) holds a special place in her heart. After seeing her on the iconic Dynasty, she finally found representation in media, seeing a poised, regal, and intelligent Black woman onscreen. Seeing Carroll confirmed that she wanted to be an actress and reinforced what her mother told her, she could be anything she wanted! Nafessa Williams shared similar sentiments stating that in addition to her grandmother’s lessons on how to be kind and God-fearing, actress Phylicia Rashad (A Different World) is another role model she looks up to. Seeing Rashad as the sassy, independent, strong, and career-oriented, Clair Huxtable had her fantasizing about a career onscreen and a role on the show!  

On their keys to success: Nafessa Williams said simply, finding your purpose and living your dream. While Jones said always having faith and Calloway followed that up with determination. 

On what they hope is to come next season for their characters: Cress Williams wants Jefferson to get back to the school and mentoring the kids. Remar wants Gambi to have meta powers, a girlfriend, and maybe even a long-lost child return. McClain shared that she is open to seeing more Jennifer’s from the multiverse, and Calloway confirmed that he wants Khalil/Painkiller to finally get revenge on Tobias Whale.

On why people relate to their show: Jones stated that the show speaks truth to power and even though it is set in a fictitious world, most of the storylines align with what’s happening currently in the Black community. While it undoubtedly resonates with the Black community, other communities love it because of the show’s dignity and integrity. 

I’m Latinx, What’s Your Superpower?

In this one-on-one interview with Diane Guerrero (Doom Patrol), moderated by Ben Lopez, Executive Director of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), Guerrero touched the need for more authentic and nuanced onscreen representation in the Latinx community, going beyond the stereotypical maid or drug dealer portrayals. Guerrero shared that her Doom Patrol character “Crazy Jane” is powerful, empathetic, and is more than just her struggles, but a woman with many dreams. This show and character, in particular, sparked new confidence within Guerrero and she hopes to keep contributing to society and art with this character who tackles mental health issues. Since the world is at standstill and going through a revolutionary transformation, she’s been inspired to create and talk about what she cares most about, simply sharing “ We all have a story to tell!” I am looking forward to more original stories from Guerrero and to see her as “Crazy Jane” in season 3 of Doom Patrol, which was announced at DC Fandome!


Rounding us out was the Batwoman panel! Moderated by Trish Bendix, NY Times Contributor, the panel introduced new Batwoman Javicia Leslie and featured, showrunner Caroline Dries, Executive Producer Sarah SchechterRachel Skarsten (“Beth Kane/Alice”), Meagan Tandy (“Sophie Moore”), Camrus Johnson (“Luke Fox”), and Nicole Kang (“Mary Hamilton”). They talked about the surprises they got from season 1, and we learned more about Ryan Wilder AND Javicia Leslie, plus what’s in store for season 2!

On what surprised them in season 1: Johnson shared that It was an amazing first season, but never did he ever dream that they would get Bruce Wayne! Kang said she was most proud of the season one’s exploration of a modern family. 

On Ryan Wilder: Leslie shared that Ryan is goofy meets badass, and she’s a person who doesn’t like following the rules. As a Black Bisexual woman, Leslie feels honored to play a character that fully represents the intersections of her life and her community at large. Dries followed by saying she knew within 5 seconds of watching Leslie’s audition tape that she was meant to be Ryan Wilder. After watching her training reel, she had Dries at “Tire flip.” Dries continued on saying: “Javicia encompasses intelligence, emotion, heart, and athleticism-everything you want in your hero.”

On what’s ahead for season 2: Dries shared that part one will focus on the mystery around Kate Kane (Ruby Rose)’s disappearance and will focus on the different character perspectives, with lots of shock and intrigue. Part two will focus on the new hero, Ryan’s rising. 

Ryan has battled the system her whole life and it was not built for her, so we’ll focus on what that fight looks like inside the suit. Speaking of the suit, Leslie shared that while fittings have not yet happened, she is sharing fan art with the creative team and wants to make sure that the suit represents a Black woman’s body and it looks like Batwoman will also be sporting natural hair!!

I cannot wait until 2021 arrives, so I can get more Black Lightning, Doom Patrol, and get to see how the new Batwoman sets the DCTV Universe on fire!

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