Coming out of BotCon this past weekend — the big Transformers confab—there was a bit of news about the comics series, including the news that Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone will be back with a second Windblade mini because the first one (now on the stands) did so well.

The next miniseries, coming in 2015, is Windblade Returns. It’s by the team of Scott and Stone. Could not say much without spoiling the ending of issue #4 of the current miniseries. Everyone very pleased with the tremendous response to Windblade and the miniseries (comic sold extremely well in the IDW booth)

Windblade is a Transformer of some interest because she’s a crowdsourced character, and she’s a she. Scott and Stone are also the first all-female team on a Transformers comic. It’s nice to hear that this did well and that Windblade has a fan base.