Monday morning, Mattel hosted their blogger breakfast, featuring upcoming toys from a variety of brands and licenses!Man… imagine if Disney rented this space for New York Comic Con!
I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as a children’s ride at Universal Studios!

First, Hot Wheels, celebrating FIFTY YEARS!

These are the original “first wave“. (I wonder if I have any in the basement…my brothers were early adopters. I even have some Sizzlers.)

Radio (bluetooth smartphone)-controlled cars.

Think “foosball”crossed with RC cars.

Here’s the PR from Mattel:

Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Playset (FWP45) **NAME SUBJCT TO CHANGE**
• SRP: $179.99|8-14+ years | Available: Fall 2018
• Hot Wheels® teams up Rocket League, one of the hottest gaming properties with +40MM players worldwide, to bring the authentic action and competition of the video game to life.
• Play soccer with smart-device controlled, blue-tooth connected Octane and Dominus vehicles in the unique Hot Wheels® Rocket League Arena.
• The arena features LED thrust indicators for the vehicles, vehicle bumpers with clip-in push bars for ball handling, as well as infra-red sensors to detect the ball and keep score.
• Unique, high digital value Rocket League Hot Wheels® DLC with purchase of the set which can be redeemed in the video game across platforms.
• Set comes with two vehicles, arena with goals and mat, vehicle and ball display station, and USB cable for charging vehicles. 2 player mode only. Smart devices not included.

Here’s a conglomeration of new sets:


Images supplied by Mattel

Barbie® Licensed Fashions Asst (FLP40)
SRP: $2.99 | 3+ years | Spring 2018
• Barbie® loves to put her own twist on the latest fashion trends and she’s doing so by partnering with fun, licensed partners including Hello Kitty®, the Care Bears™, Despicable Me, Super Mario™, DC Superheroes, and SpongeBob SquarePants
• Mix and match with other clothing in the line to create different looks and explore your style. With added diversity and more variety in fashions, shoes and accessories, there are infinitely more ways to spark imaginations and play out stories.
• Universal fit designed to fit all Barbie body types.

How soon before there’s a cosplay line?

For the sportsball geeks out there…

Barbie® Baseball Player (FRL98)
SRP: $14.99 | 3+ years | Fall 2018
• Barbie® Made to Move Baseball player has 22 “joints” — in the neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees AND ankles — for flexibility and an incredible range of motion.
• Includes a baseball cap, mitt and baseball

The “Made to Move” line also includes martial arts, soccer, and skateboarding, as well as various “fitness” figures.

Little People (I love the colors!)Thomas goes international! 

Not exactly sure what this is…  but I love the colors and design!

MECARD™ is the latest action battling game franchise that Mattel will launch globally in Spring 2018. The franchise was originally introduced in Korea in 2015 and was the #1 Toy Property in the market. MECARD™ redefines action battling games for kids, ages 6 to 10, and provides an exciting game play experience by combining unique figure transformation with a power charged card game. This will be a content first launch with the first season of the MECARD™ animated action series debuting January 2018 on the Mattel Action Channel on YouTube and product hitting shelves in March.

A sequel, of sorts, to Uno. Nothing as complicated… it’s an addition game where you try to empty your hand by matching.

A silly game, probably best played as a drinking game!

Handimonium™ the Tiny Hands game (FWW32)
SRP: $19.99 |13 + years | Available: Fall 2018

• How much thought do you give to how useful your hands are? This hilarious game lets you challenge your friends to simple tasks that become outrageously difficult when players must perform them wearing tiny hands.

• Start by flipping the first instruction card (good luck with that.) Can you fill a cup with household objects? Can you act out charades clues? You’ll find out how tricky seemingly simple actions can be when you’re working with hands that aren’t your own—tiny hands. And when you succeed: High Five.

• Game comes with two sets of tiny hands (plus some bonus paws and tentacles) and challenge cards.

Mattel enters the escape room market…

Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment™ game (FJR43)
SRP: $29.99 |13 + years | Available: Spring 2018
• Escape Room in A Box: The Werewolf Experiment™ is an adult strategy game that brings friends together to solve various challenges and puzzles.
• Once players open the game, they discover that they have been exposed to a virus that will turn them into werewolves, but ‘mad scientist’ Dr. Cynthia Gnaw has given players clues to escape the fate of becoming a bushy beast. Players are given one hour to solve 19 puzzles and find the codes to open three locks to ultimately
escape the virus and the room.


Enchantimals™ is one of Mattel’s newest girl’s brand franchise that celebrates the special bond between kids and animals through an aesthetic inspired by animal filters on social media. The brand launched truly “digital first” with a YouTube blitz and hosted influencer events to truly immerse fans in the brand through DIY activities.

Mega Construx

Halo Call of Duty sets Halo Construx



In 2017, Mattel launched WWE Superstars to leverage the popularity of WWE’s female Superstars and give its sizable girl fan base a new way to connect with their favorite brands. This was the first time female WWE Superstars had a fashion doll and role-playing line, in addition to the action figures inspired by their in-ring characters.

I think these wrestlers are “New Day” (which is a trio?) and they’re villains? Anyway, I liked the design, and how many action figures come with a trombone?

 DC Superhero Girls

No sign of the new Green Lantern (featured on the new season on YouTube).  These are two different lines.
I believe that’s the first Miss Martian doll in the franchise?!  Nope… Starfire.

DC Collect-and-Connect set, Wave 8, featuring Clayface.

 The popular voice-changer Bat-Mask!

 12″ Batman Figure Assortment, with 11 points of articulation

The 6″ Deluxe Figure assortment.  The projectile weapons can be interchanged among vehicles and figures.

 The Imaginext Batcave!

Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Wayne Manor™ Batcave (FMX63)
SRP: $49.99 | Ages 3-8Y | Available Fall 2018
• With this Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batcave, young Super Heroes can take the action from Wayne Manor™ to the secret lair below (and back again), creating their own exciting Gotham City™ adventures with Batman™
• Send Bane™ running for cover with the press of a button to reveal a secret disk launcher, soar into action on the glider, take to the streets on the Batcycle, and more.
• Turn the top Power Pad to raise & light the Bat-Signal
• Turn the lower Power Pad to open the secret waterfall entrance to the Batcave
• Includes Batman™ and Bane™ figures, Batcycle, sword accessory & 4 disk projectiles

The Batmancave…

Jurassic Park – Fallen Kingdom

Both dinosaur figures can be puppeted via the tails.

Remote controlled toys!

Jurassic World Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex (FMM63)
SRP: $54.99 | 8+ years | Available: Spring 2018
• This Super Colossal T.rex is three feet long and inspired by the iconic T.rex from the Jurassic World franchise, and features articulation, authentic sculpt and deco, and the ability to eat up to twenty-size mini dinosaur figures.

There’s a hatch in his belly to empty the stomach. I guess it doubles as a carrying case?

The mask sells for $35, and has sounds. The claws are $15.

Not shown in the gallery:

Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Anatomy Kit (FTF13) **NOT SHOWN IN GALLERY**
SRP: $49.99 | 5+ years | Available: Fall 2018
• Now kids can learn anatomy while having fun. This large-sized T.rex has one removable side that allows kids to see how the inner anatomy of the T.rex functions.
• By using the “DNA” key, kids can move the leg to see the muscle flex, see the heart and lungs pump and activate the T.rex’s large chomp.

Mattel has a lot of JWLK merchandise scheduled, including robots, Barbie-scale figures, plush, and minis!

Cars 3

Image supplied by Mattel

Disney∙Cars Super Track Mack (FPK72)
SRP: $99.99 | 4+ years | Available: Fall 2018
• This huge Disney•Pixar Cars Mack hauler packs two-ways to play in with Lightening’s Hauler Mack.
• Drive Mack to your next competition as he makes sounds from the movie.
• When you arrive to their destination, you can park and separate the cab from the trailer and transform Mack into a 5-foot racetrack, to replay the Piston Cup Track from the movie Cars 3.
• You can send cars through boosters at lightning speed around the Piston Cup track, and take their cars through the pit crew area, with fans watching in the grand stands and on the stadium-style TV.
• Vehicles sold separately.

Optimus Prime gots nothing on Mack!
(But it’s a little weird that Speed rides inside another vehicle?)

Whoa… obscure characters, from Mater’s Tall Tales! Dad gum!


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