I was fortunate to attend Mattel’s blogger breakfast event the Monday morning of Toy Fair. Mattel had claimed the entire fourth floor of the Javits Center, and, BOY! did they showcase a lot of cool stuff!

Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

 Justice League™ Ultimate Batmobile
SRP: $ 249.99 | Adult | Available: Fall 2017
  • Inspired by Warner Bros. Pictures’ action-adventure film, Justice League Ultimate
  • Batmobile. Batman’s iconic vehicle comes to life in epic scale complete with RC functionality, premium deco and real world features.
  • Through an app-enabled tablet or smartphone, users can assume the role as the Dark Knight and take complete control of the vehicle all from the palm of their hand!
  • Remote-controlled Batmobile features smoke release from exhaust pipe, movingmissiles on hood of car, roaring engine sounds, and four armored up wheels.
  • Includes camera in the cockpit so you can drive from Batman’s POV via an app-controlled device.
  • Special “jump mode” feature elevates the Batmobile with hydraulic-like movement
  • Batman figure included has full body movement–foot presses gas pedal, arm shifts gear, and head turns

 DC Superhero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls™ Super Hero High School Playset (DMR13) SRP: $49.99 | 6+ years | Available: Fall 2017 •This Super Hero High School playset and Batgirl™ action figure –inspired by DC Super Hero Girls™ –brings the adventures of the powerful teen Super Heroes to life! Three action features offer tons of opportunity for these Super Heroes to fly, climb and zipline into action. Take flight with the mechanism around the top of the school’s tower.

DC Super Hero Girls™ Transforming Super Bus (FGY49) SRP: $74.99 | 6+ years | Available: Fall2017 •At Super Hero High, students must be ready to save the day at any moment. That’s why their bus can transform into a mobile command center, giving the students of Super Hero High every tool they need to make sure the wheels of justice roll on.•This playset really rolls, and when stopped, opens to over 3ft wide for endless stories of high school adventures and crime-stopping missions to play out with your 12” dolls. •The small car removes at the click-of-a button for on-the-go action.•It also includes a lookout station, snackbar, and communication station – anything a superhero would need – for endless storytelling and saving-the-day fun.

DC Super Hero Girls™ Wonder Woman™ & Invisible Jet™ Doll(DYN05)SRP: $39.99 | 6+ years | Available: Spring 2017 •Soar into adventure with the Wonder Woman™ action doll and her Invisible Jet™. •Surprise features add to the Super Hero power and storytelling fun. Inspired by thepowerful students of Super Hero High, the DC Super Hero Girls™ are ready for anycall to action with awesomevehicles that can speed them to their destinations.Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet™ is one of the most iconic –and coolest –withsurprises to wow fans and confuse foes. •Press the button toward the back of the jet, then extend its body with a pull toreveal room for two. Each seat even has a seatbelt. •Push the button toward the front of the jet and watch the iconic golden wingedWonder Woman™ emblem shoot from the hood –it’s a blast
DC Super Hero Girls™Intergalactic Gala™ Doll Asst. (FCD31) SRP: $19.99 | 6+ years | Available: Fall 2017 •Inspired by the Intergalatic Games, the new DVD releasing in May 2017, we have created exciting new looks for Starfire™, Supergirl™ and Wonder Woman™. •Each of the doll’s beautiful gowns represents their homelands, as demonstrated by the iconic colors of their capes and dresses.

“Action Figure Toy of the Year”!

DC Super Hero Girls™ Headquarter on Wheels (DVG94) SRP: $34.99 | 6+ years | Available: Fall 2017 •The DC Super Hero Girls™ Batgirl™ action figure and her transforming headquarters vehicle hold multiple surprises! •Open the side of the colorful van upward to reveal a mission headquarters with a cockpit seat that swivels and two chairs for Super Hero friends to join the mission (other action figures sold separately). •The roof becomes a second level with a wardrobe for Batgirl™ action figure,complete with a second outfit. And to capture even more delight, the back of the vehicle pulls down to reveal a secret net launcher –load with the net and push the button to launch the projectile and capture your villain.

WWE WrestlingPixar
Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! Mini Figure Asst. (FBW89) SRP: $2.99 | 4+ years | Available: Spring 2017 When the capes come off, life gets even more exciting for teen Super Heroes! These mini figures of favorite characters from the hit Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go! are the perfect size for action play – anywhere your adventures take you. They also feature swappable body parts to create your ideal hero. Get Robin™, Raven™, Starfire™, Cyborg™ and more.

Teen Titans Go! Smooth Talker Beast Boy™ (FFR09) SRP: $24.99 | 4+ years | Available: Fall 2017 Based on the Teen Titans Go! animated series, this Beast Boy™ figure comes to life – tilt its head see different facial expressions and hear iconic lines from the show! Sounds are also activated by pressing its belt buckle.

Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine

Justice League Action



Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batbot Xtreme (FGF37) SRP: $99.99 | 3-8Y | Available: Fall 2017 *The ultimate Batman toy (over 2 feet tall) makes kids feel like they’re Batman with everything from wings and punching fists to projectile launchers and a motorcycle! *While in battle mode, kids can speak into voice changer for awesome voice effects! *3 Power pads >Turn power pad on right shoulder to activate wings & punching fists >Turn left shoulder power pad to reveal Batman’s headquarters >Turn power pad on left leg for motorcycle *Push down on buttons to fire 3 projectiles on each shoulder *Squeeze triggers for SUPER PUNCHING ACTION!

Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ RC Mobile Command Center (DTM79)SRP: $59.99 | 3-8Y | Available: Fall 2017 *Batman™ keeps the streets (and skies) of Gotham City™ safe with this transforming, remote-controlled mobile command center! *At the press of a button, the Batwing platform rises, revealing full command center with projectile launcher, jail, and cockpit for Batman™ *Press trigger on the projectile launcher to fire missiles, or use the remote to launch the Batwing *Incudes RC Mobile Command Center, remote control, projectiles, jail, and Batman™ figure *Remote steers Mobile Command Center forward, reverse, turn & transforms from vehicle to playset!

Imaginext® Power Rangers™ Command Center(DMX64)

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas & Friends™Super Station™(FGR22) SRP: $124.99 | 3Y+ | Available: Fall 2017 *The ultimate Thomas playset designed to work with all scales and sizes of engines (excluding Thomas & Friends™ My First). Unique universal track accommodates your entire collection! *Includes Harold, TrackMaster “Thomas”, Adventures “Percy” and MINIS “James” *Gigantic size reconfigures into multiple layouts; including a small footprint option *Holds over 100 engines! *Also features Cranky and Owen, as well as iconic Sodor locations like Tidmouth Sheds, Brendam Docks, Knapford Station, Search & Rescue Center, and more!

Mega Bloks

Hot Wheels

Justice League, DC, Marvel, and Star Wars Hot Wheels


Barbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle(DYX32) SRP: $99.99 | 3+ years | Available: Fall 2017Join Barbie® for some sweet fun in Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle. It is full of delicious surprises in every room.The colorful two-story royal home has eight distinct play spaces for all kinds of storytelling. *Move between floors with stairs on one side and a fairy elevator on the other. The second floor has a bedroom with a bed that ensures sweet dreams and a removable pool to expand the possibilities for fun.

Hologram Barbie (Less of an online assistant, more of a virtual playmate.)

Kuu Kuu Hara Juku

In 2017, Mattel will be launching a new doll line based off of Gwen Stefani’s new music driven, animated series Kuu Kuu Harajuku on Nickelodeon. The show averages 1MM viewers per episode and features G and the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby), who together form the talented band, HJ5.

Wonder Woman

Photographer Randel Urbauer
Stylist Lin

Photographer Dennis DiLaura
Stylist Mary Jordan

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

View Master

View-Master® Deluxe VR Viewer
SRP: $39.99 | 7+ years | Available: Now
• Enter the world of virtual reality with the View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer that Works with Google Cardboard.
• Surround yourself with stunning 360-degree environments so you feel as if you are really there.
• The enhanced View-Master VR viewer has added better lenses and a focal adjustment — say goodbye to your glasses.
• A headphone connector lets you plug into audio for immersive listening
• A new design offers improved ergonomics, plus an easier open-and-close latch.
$45 for the View-Master Batman: The Animated Series Virtual Reality Pack


SRP: $49.99 | 8+ years | Available: Fall 2017
• Kamigami are DIY, model kit robots that combine origami concepts with robotics engineering. Light as a feather and quick as a bug, Kamigami have a full sensor suite to talk to each other and explore their environment.
• Build them using ultra-tough, feather light plastic-they’re the most durable robot toy you’ll ever encounter.
• Play with these ultra-fast robots using the free app, available on IOS or android.
• Battle with friends using the IR sensors and by playing the interactive game modes.
• Program your Kamigami using drag and drop programming that lets you customize your robot’s movements and interactions