Even as you read this, an amazing event is underway in Portland called THE PROJECTS — it’s billed as “a festival of experimental comics and narrative arts, happening at the IPRC in Portland on October 19-21, 2012” and is only the latest in a year filled with impressive comics symposiums and events that go far beyond the “What inspired you to create the Avengers, Mr Lee,” paneling that has represented many comics events. With this, the G-17 meeting in Chicago, MIX in Columbus, NYC’s ongoing scholarly events , comics are being looked at in creative and social context that significantly enhance and deepen both their media standing and our own understanding.

Here’s what to expect at The Projects:

3 days of workshops, exhibitions, panels, performances, projections and collaborative projects. Introducing experimental artists from comics, animation, and other narrative arts.

The festival is a free event, oriented toward creative process, idiosyncratic expression, and inspiration, leaving behind the flat model of comics as commerce.


Aaron Kaneshiro (SF), Alex Chiu (PDX), Angie Wang (PDX), Anna Ehrlemark (Sweden), Austin English (NY), Bwana Spoons (PDX), Clara Bessijele Johansson (Sweden/USA), Daniel Duford (PDX), Drippy Bone Books (LA), Dunja Jankovic (Croatia/USA), Duskin Drum (Pacific Rim), Experimental Half Hour (PDX), Frank Santoro (NY), Gridlords (PDX), Igor Hofbauer (Croatia), Jason Miles (Seattle), Jesse McManus (Portland), Jonny Negron (NY), Kevin Hooyman (NY/Providence), Lale Westvind (NY), Le Dernier Cri (France), Lori D (PDX), Maia Bambul (Germany/USA), Matthew Thurber (NY), Max Clotfelter (Seattle), Plink Flojd (PDX/NY/Spain,), Press Gang (Portland), Profanity Hill (Seattle), Sammy Harkham (LA), Sean Christensen (PDX), Skinner (SAC), Taleen Kalendarian (LA), Tom Neely (LA) and more!

Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC, 1001 SE Division) is hosting the all-day workshops, performances, books and zines at the pop up shop, readings, panels, mingling, food, drinks and a noisy roof panorama and bar.
Curated spaces: Alex Chiu: Sumi Ink Club Collaboration Cube Project; Igor Hofbauer – Mural, paint by numbers; Bwana Spoons – Halloween Monster Photo Op; Anonymous – Choose Your Own Adventure writing project; Taleen Kalenderian – Free Write Shop; Anna Ehrlemark; Matthew Thurber; Austin English; Clara Bessijele Johansson; Lori D: DMTV (Floating World’s yearly animation fest) a screening room with various animations scheduled at different times throughout the weekend.

We’re sold. Are any Beat readers attending who want to report on it? We’d love any and all observations.


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