Artist Art Suydam reports that two pieces of art were recently stolen from his studio and is offering a reward for their return:

These artworks, among others, were recently stolen from the studio of artist Arthur Suydam.  If you see these  artworks or have any information on their location, please contact Arthur at [email protected].

All personal information will be kept confidential.


Alien Genocide by Arthur Suydam (gouche painting)

image (1).jpg

Little Devil by Frank Frazetta (ink drawing 8 1/2 x 11”)


  1. at the con this past weekend i had fernando ruiz take a stab at my avengers sketch book. he decided which character he wanted to work on (the vision), i asked him how long the commission would take, he said about half an hour to forty-five minutes. cool. i figured the book is in good hands and i could check on the other commission i had in the works (i usually have two sketch books at these cons, with one or the other being worked on at any given time. in this case i had both being worked on at the same time.). so after checking on the other sketch and running into some folks i knew and shooting the breeze for a few minutes i made my way back to where ruiz was sitting to see how he was doing with the sketch. when i got there ruiz was nowhere to be found and my sketch book was right on top of his table. dan parent, who had the table next to ruiz told me that fernando had a panel to attend and that he would be back by 11:30 or so and that he had asked parent to keep an eye on his table, but then parent told me that he was also about to leave for a panel. so there was no way i was gonna leave the book alone on the table with nobody minding the store. now don’t get me wrong , i feel that the vast majority of folks that go to these cons are honest folks, but there are always those few assholes that will lie, cheat , and steal, if the opportunity presents itself. so parent (or myself, we probably both had the same idea) suggested leaving a note telling ruiz that i took the book back (this way he wouldn’t think as he got to his table and didn’t see the sketch book around “holy shit, where did the book go, did someone swipe it”?) and would return some time after he got back so he could finish the sketch (which was about a third done). he was gone for a while but finally did return as i did with the sketch book. he finished the sketch (it came out great) and alls well that ends well. i guess the message i’m trying to get across is: always keep track of your stuff at these cons. i’ve heard many a horror story of canvas art, prints, sketches, etc., being lifted at these events, sometimes in a matter of seconds. now i know that the above article states that the artwork was stolen from suydam’s studio, if it can happen there, it can happen (with much greater ease) at a convention, so be careful. thanks for letting me babble on!

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