Columbus Ohio’s Columbus College of Art and Design is throwing yet another awesome comics symposium called Mix 2012: Comics Symposium — there are two days left. Events include symposiums on Kirby, a Chris Ware keynote speech, and many other great things. I totally dropped the ball on covering this beforehand, but hopefully we’ll have some reports on what sounds like a fantastic event.

Tom Spurgeon was not as lame as me and has a fine interview with organizer Robert Loss:

Some panels feature mainly academics, and some feature mainly artists, but most of them are pretty balanced. For instance, on the “Extraordinary Epics” panel, you have Craig Fischer and Charles Hatfield talking about their research on Eddie Campbell’s Bacchus, Jeremy Stoll, a folklorist talking about the Mahabharata being adapted into a manga, Lora Innes who creates The Dreamer webcomic, and Robert Algeo who runs in absentia press, but also teaches at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. That’s a mix. To some it might seem a little messy. Oh well. Usually the most interesting people I’ve known have messy houses.


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