Indie cartoonist/illustrator Jim Rugg is known for his penchant towards retro pop culture. So it comes has now huge surprise that iam8bit enlisted his talents to produce first in a series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art prints in collaboration with Nickelodeon and Skybound. Adding to the retro flair, this specific TMNT poster is blacklight responsive, a hallmark of the halcyon days of ’60s and ’70s cinema.

The Lean/Mean/Green: A TMNT Limited Edition Art Print Series runs from today until October 13, so get this TMNT poster while it’s still available! Details below:

TMNT art print

In collaboration with Nickelodeon, iam8bit and Skybound are thrilled to announce Lean/Mean/Green: A TMNT Limited Edition Art Print Series, launching today with the timed release of a totally tubular, eye-poppingly colorful take on the heroes in a half shell by the incomparable Jim Rugg (Street Angel, the PLAIN Janes). The print is now available on for $75.
TMNT poster
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Underground by JIM RUGG (Lean/Mean/Green: A TMNT Limited Edition Art Print Series)

Rugg’s retro-styled, 18×24” screenprint, only available for a limited time exclusively via iam8bit, finds the Turtles in battle formation: Raphael leading the pack with twin sais at the ready, Michelangelo and his lethal nunchaku close behind, Donatello third at base with his trademark bo, and Leonardo bringing up the rear with one katana gleaming in each outstretched hand. Working within the iconic green-and-purple color palette that has accompanied these subterranean supers across virtually every artistic incarnation, Rugg has devised a sense of immediacy and dynamic motion for this print that perfectly embodies the Turtles’ kinetic, irreverent ethos.

This “black light responsive” screenprint honors the Turtles in particularly radical fashion, enhancing Rugg’s dazzling recreation of all four reptilian rock-stars with a fluorescent pop of color that makes the illustration glow, ooze-like, under special conditions. All prints will be numbered and hand-signed.

TMNT poster