There are too many comic cons you say? Well there is ALWAYS room for more, especially when it’s a hybrid concept that expands the definition of what a comic con can be.

To wit, the ID10T Music Festival and Comic Conival in Mountain View, CA this weekend, with the “Comic Conival” as part of a three-pronged comedy/music/comics event.

Pronounced wither Eye-dee-ten-tee or “idiot”, depending on your mood, it’s kind of a potentially huge deal. The basic idea is a spin-off of Chris Hardwick’s ID10T comedy tour, but this event will mix a music festival (Coachella) a comedy festival (Just for Laughs) AND a comic-con with an artist alley and publisher booths. The setting, Mountain View, CA, is basically on the front door of the Google campus so there should be a strong Silicon Valley vibe to the event.

I’ve included pr about music acts and so on below. Several comics companies are going in big to 1D10T, including Oni, Valiant, Boom!, IDW, and the CBLDF. There’s a full artist alley, but the big question is will people want to hang out chattering about the Doom Patrol while Crystal Castles is playing? ID10T also includes panels on things like Portlandia and Stan Against evil are squarely in the showbiz side of Comic-Con (or Paley Fest or New Yorker Fest, or any other number of media sponsored showbizzy/literary conferences.)

Hardwick has been doing the media rounds, as with this piece on The Mercury:

His inspiration for giving birth to a new festival amid the already crowded field of summer fan festivals (from the recent Colossal Clusterfest to Hydra Comic-Con) is pretty simple, and actually sort of sweet.

“I’ve never heard of a festival quite like this one, a festival for people who love comedy and love Comic-Con and love the maker fair and love music. I thought, ‘Can I pull this off? Let’s try!,” says Hardwick. “I really hope people come out to see it. I know it can be hard to leave the house these days, not to mention trying to park.”

As with many of his projects, Hardwick always follows his passion for pop culture. Unlike the average TV talking head, he’s actually excited about the subjects he discusses. He’s hugely into horror in general and zombies in particular.


Most comics folk I know expressed the same question about the event, however should it be successful Hardwick’s people plan to roll it out as a full fledged series of events nationwide.

So 1D10T will either be a once in a lifetime adventure or the start of something with huge crossover potential.

Music acts include

The Shoreline Amphitheatre Main Stage will feature a diverse musical lineup with performances by Weezer, Girl Talk, Lord Huron, Crystal Castles, TV On The Radio, OK Go, Animal Collective, Car Seat Headrest, The Mowgli’s, Robert DeLong, Mothers, Ron Gallo, and Tank And The Bangas.

The Mad Decent Dance/Cosplay Tent will feature some of today’s premier DJs and electronic music acts with performances by Madeon, Zeds Dead, Jai Wolf, TroyBoi, Gryffin, Party Favor, Ape Drums, 4B, and Wax Motif. The tent will also host nightly cosplay contests.

The Comedy acts include:

The Monster Energy Comedy Tent will feature sets by some of today’s most entertaining comedians in an intimate, club-like setting. Hosted by April Richardson, performers will include Demetri Martin, Michael Che, Nikki Glaser, Garfunkel and Oates, Michael Ian Black, Brian Posehn, Greg Proops, Brent Weinbach, Hampton Yount, Matt Braunger, Dan Mintz, Marcella Arguello, Jonah Ray, Mike Phirman, and Yassir Lester.

And the Ccomic con includes:

Participating comic companies include Skybound, Valiant, Oni, Boom! Studios, Top Shelf, AfterShock, Insight Editions, Aspen, and HowToons.

Comic artists include Andre Parks (Green Arrow, Ciudad), Andrew Robinson (The Fifth Beatle, Superman: Red Son), Andy Belanger (Southern Cross, SwampThing), Babs Tarr (Batgirl of Burnside, Motor Crush), Becky Cloonan (Southern Cross, Punisher), Brent Schoonover (Howling Commandos Of Shield, Antman), Cameron Stewart (Fight Club 2, Batgirl), Chris Burnham (Batman Incorporated, Officer Downe), Dennis Hopeless (Spider-Woman, WWE), Donny Cates (God Country, Redneck), Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War, The Wrenchies), Gary Brown (Black Road, Catwoman), Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy), Ivan Brandon (Drifter, Black Cloud), Jai Nitz (Suicide Squad’s El Diablo, Dream Thief), Jason Shawn Alexander (Empty Zone, Abe Sapien-The Drowning), Justin Greenwood (The Fuse, Stumptown), Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Aphrodite IX), Matt Wilson (Batman & Robin, Joker), Mike Costa (Venom, Lucifer [FOX TV]), Morgan Breem (The Family Trade, Valor: East of the Sun & West of the Moon), Ngozi Ukaza (Check, Please!), Nick Dragotta (East of West, Howtoons), Phil Hester (Shipwreck, Green Arrow), Phil Noto (Black Widow, Star Wars), Ramon Villalbos (Nighthawk, E is for Extinction), Rick Remender (Deadly Class, Fear Agent), Robert Wilson IV (Heartthrob, Bitch Planet), Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves, Luke Cage Noir), Van Jensen (The Flash, Cryptocracy), and Wes Craig (Deadly Class, Guardians of the Galaxy).




  1. Cool a comic con in Silicon Valley -now, instead of just being around people who are ‘entitled’ to be ‘upset’ and all pretentious on how they flick their finger at screens to be passive aggressive mean alienating bigots, I get to PAY to be around people who are are ‘entitled’ to be ‘upset’ and all pretentious on how they flick their finger at screens to be passive aggressive mean alienating bigots…
    Millennials Unite! I cant wait to be happy for all the venture capitalists there, seeking them spend their money, while I get my job outsourced to India again… I love have no future in a fake country, dont you?

  2. @Heidi: …you managed to misspell the subject of the article in both the headline and the lede, in two different ways.

    @Aaron: If you’ve had negative experiences with young people, might I suggest that maybe if you didn’t start whining about the damn kids on your lawn when there are not actually any kids on your lawn and everybody else was talking about another subject entirely, people might react more favorably to your presence.

  3. @T:had: Chump, if outsourcing, automation, and bigotry wasn’t so G0d damn ‘American’, I would be able to have long term savings and eventually afford my own lawn. Go to to that convention in Silicon Valley, and you will find plenty of venture capitalists and out-sourced labor who can afford to buy property in this fake country. Livability is just as taboo a concept as ‘cooperation’, regardless of one’s age, although the smug pretentious passive aggressive abusive behaviours so common in early 21st Century former-USA are very typical in Millennials and their ‘entitlement’ to be ‘upset’ and mean.

    “Favorably” >HA! HA!HAAAAA!!! Awesome, you rock the ‘American’ mic on that one, foolmeister, I am anti-‘American’/consuer-bigot, so I do not care if I have enough “likes”/”followers”/”members”. Have you been to the asphalt, traffic, parking lot hell of that which is uber-pretentious about flickng fingers at screens Silicon Valley… it is soo ‘American’ in the amount of outsourcing, and remote condo complexes, and remote office parks, and greuling traffic and the pretentous bigotry, …so yeah, this IS related, as once again I ask: Why PAY to be around douche ‘Americans’ at some con that peopel will go to be more pretentous “showing off” about being there on the net, than they will be about meeting others ‘different’ from themselves and mingling with peopel who are also nerds… Wow, think of all the people gathered there, making an effort not to have facial expressions w/their pronounced parts in their hair and comparing beard sizes and playing off like they do not have guts from sitting around all sheltered in their condo complexes surrounded by more asphalt and traffic… Id10T sounds like a general name for all ‘Americans’, regardless of ‘republican’ or ‘democrat’… Age doesnt matter, but thanks though. …

    Tell me about a convention for nerds to go to and see about combining sequential, and brand identitiy with creating awareness on how to meet your representatives, nonviolent protestors, actual journalists, and how holding them accountable for the asphalt cancer traffic outsourced hell we are in is crucially necessary today, because the next gen growing up will not be able to have their own lawns, and the lack of cooperation we have today will just end up being a riot, instead of actual effective nonviolent activism. Screw the pretentious mean bigots of Silicon Valley, the highest concentration of venture caps, 2/3 of VCs are in that area, while the rest of the ‘USA’s realestate value goes to hell, as it is seriously a taboo concept to improve livability…

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