Marvel has rolled out the rest of its industry changing, world shaking, nostalgia banging reveal of the publishing line-up for the Make Mine Marvel Legacy line-up via a series of covers. In addition to posting them at various sites, they’ve finished off the day by sending out the last six by themselves, which you can see immediately below.

You can see our complete coverage of the  first roll out of covers can be seen here.  

Marvel has also emaied out a final wrap-up of reveals.. I guess. There could always be more

Mighty Thor by Stepahnie Hans, tributing Jim Starlin’s Death of Captain Marvel.

Ms Marvel by Jake Wyatt

Falcin by Elizabeth Torque

Peter Parker by Paula Sigueira

Weapon X by Val Staples

AND as widely prophesized, Marvel-Two-In-One by Edgar Delgado!

As revealed at

Here are the last few rounds of giffabled cover homages for Marvel Legacy and the list of new titles, which somehow has been lost in the wonder of which classic marvel cover is being homaged.

Francesco Mattina’s Venom


She-Hulk by Duncan Fegredo


Monsters Unleashed by Daniel Mora


Black Bolt by Christian Ward


Spider-Man by Alex Ross  homaging the very obscure  John Romita Sr.’s Amazing Spider-Man: A Rockomic album cover.


All-New Wolverine by Kris Anka

And from IGN:

spirits of vengeance.gif

Spirits of Vengeance by Ken Lashley


Defenders by Szymon Kudransk

Jaen Grey.gif

Jean Grey by Mike Mayhew


X-Men Gold by Ben Caldwell


Spider-Gwen by Khary Randolph

$ (5).gif

Spider-Man by Mark Bagley

AND FINALLY without titles or artists credits from


Ben REilly


Iron Fist


Uncanny Avengers

Spiderman Deadpool


  1. the last time Marvel changed the industry, they dropped the comics code. the time before that it was when they accidentally destroyed the distribution system.
    something tells me this won’t stack up to those.

  2. I don’t see the point of Marvel doing this. Only their older generation of readers will get a kick out of it

  3. I am the older generation and I am not getting a kick out of it. I do not see how any of this will do any good in the long run if Marvel keeps the same creators doing the same kind of stories.

    Actually the biggest take away from these covers is the decline in comic art.

  4. I’m happy Marvel is resurrecting MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, that could be a fun series if it has a rotating cast. I’d like to see characters that have not been prominently featured lately (e.g., Jack of Hearts, The Mighty Destroyer, and Dominic Fortune). If Marvel really wanted to highlight their “legacy” they’d find a way to capitalize on Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos, the Invaders, the 1950’s Captain America, and SHIELD’s origins in the 1960’s.

  5. “Hey, here’s an original idea. Let’s take the classic characters everyone knows and loves, and sideline them. Then, let’s put those unused costumes and villains to use by replacing said classic characters with less interesting analogues. I mean , come on, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Thor, and Banner are so disinteresting, we can’t expect them to carry a comics company on their backs . Bonus, there are so many amazing and fantastic Silver and Bronze Age covers and stories just waiting to be recycled and retold with these brand new, exciting characters . All the heavy lifting has been done in the ideas department. And lastly, ripoff the iconic covers of the past and call it new. Seriously, after that, the Marvel Universe will never be the same.” No sir, still not getting my 3.99 or 4.99 for twenty pages of content.

  6. Spirit of Vengeance says – 20 big pages haha….

    And why is Cassidy only redoing 2 of his own covers? The first seemed ok, but this 2nd is crap (and not iconic).

    I agree with some of the posters above. This ‘Cover event’ just shows a drastic decline in quality.

  7. Imagine if Marvel had spent the Bronze Age pandering to the nostalgia of Golden Age fans (who had stopped reading comics decades earlier). That’s essentially what is going on now.

  8. I guess I’m in the minority, but I liked what Marvel was doing pre-Secret Wars. I mean, my current favorite title of theirs is America, which launched afterwards, and I didn’t read a lot of Marvel to begin with, but it seemed to get less appealing with the second Marvel NOW! initiative. Books like “Solo” and “Foolkiller” for example; on what planet were those ever going to be sellers? Recent comments about diversity don’t help either. I know progress is slow but at least it’s progress. If “long-term” fans don’t like inclusion you’re supposed to say “screw you,” not “sorry”.

  9. To second TooGhoulForSchool, the pre Secret Wars stuff was pretty good. I loved the tone of Avengers, New Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man at that time.

  10. I’d prefer Marvel not produce variants as they’re unhealth for the direct market, but the idea of homage variants is better than some of their other ideas.

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