Earlier this week, the 3rd season of Anthony Desiato’s My Comic Shop History podcast began. In this series of podcasts, Desiato aims to explore the unique cultures that spring from prominent comics shops around the country including NYC’s own JHU Comic Books and one of my New Jerseyean hometown stores, Fat Moose Comics.

Originally, My Comic Shop History began as a way to memorialize Alternate Realities, a LCS juggernaut located in Westchester county, NY, that Desiato shopped and worked at for over a decade. Over the course of those episodes, he interviewed some of the store’s former employees and owners, including Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur writer Brandon Montclare. I interviewed him about the first season of his show a few years ago.

Desiato had this to say about the newest season of My Comic Shop History:

 My drive to explore comic book stores around the country sprang from our analysis of the closing of Alternate Realities in Season 1. I find myself drawn to the culture of the comic shop–the business, the fandom, and the camaraderie–and I wanted to explore the retail community on a larger scale.

New episodes of My Comic Shop History will be released ever other Wednesday. On the off weeks, Desiato will release an episode of his newest podcast, Flay Squirrel Tales: Beyond My Comic Shop. The first episode of My Comic Shop History season 3 is live now!

Check out a list of the stores Desiato will be visiting in the coming weeks below. Is yours on the list?



  1. I like the idea of this. I discovered a youtube doc a while ago where some guys drove around and visited comic shops. It was entertaining just to see how different shops and attitudes are around the country.

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