Say it with me: pop culture does not exist in a vacuum. The things we read, watch, smell, taste, and listen to feed into themselves. Few people know that better than Gerard Way, the former lead singer of My Chemical Romance and current curator of DC Comics’ Young Animal boutique line. When I first stumbled across his band as a teenager, the thing that captivated me about them was Gerard’s penchant for crafting visually vibrant lyrics that put you in a heightened place in your imagination. His words were clearly inspired by comics, so it only makes sense that his comics would be inspired by music.

Today, DC Comics released a special Spotify playlist curated by Way that gives us a peek into the songs that inspired his work on Doom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by Brick. It features the exact kind of alt punk jams you’d expect with music by artists including Iggy Pop, Pixies, and The Damned.

Check it out: