I totally stole this from artist/producer Denys Cowan’s FB page, but it’s an interesting little sidenote, Back in the 90s people still read magazines, and liquor companies would purchase full page advertisements in these magazines. Man, history is SO WEIRD, right? Anyway, Dewars scotch ran a series of profiles of debonair achievers attempting to convince you that if you drank their scotch you would also be a debonair achiever. Cowan, then well known for his Batman and Question comics and about to co-found Milestone Media, was a fitting choice but it did seem like a win for comics at the time. This predated the Rob Liefeld Levis commercial, but both are a reminder that cartoonists as media figures is far from a recent phenomenon.

Which reminds me that I forgot to mention that Static Shock is getting a live action series as part of Warner’s Blue Ribbon digital division, with Reginald Hudlin producing. Static was created for Milestone by the late Dwayne McDuffie, the late Robert Washington III and John Paul Leon, but Cowan produced the previous Static Shock animated series. He’s a sturdy character and it’s good to see him getting a reboot.

As long as we’re making this The Denys Cowan Post, here’s a cover to Shaft #2 that Bill Sienkiewicz finished over Cowan’s pencils.


  1. My favorite parody of the Dewars’ ads were done by Berkeley Breathed in his Bloom County strips back in the 80’s. Best was the profile of Steve Dallas the attorney who “got a granny-killer off on a technicality”.

  2. Correction: the quote is Its taste blends perfectly with the sense of accomplishment I fell after getting five accused nun-beaters sprung on a technicality”

    Either way, it’s freakin’ awesome

  3. No. No. No. Static Shock was officially created by Dwayne McDuffie, Christopher Priest, Denys Cowan Derek Dingle and myself. HOWEVER. I’m the lead creator of Static. In fact Static’s Creative Bible was written by me, myself, I and THE GUY writing this comment,

    OR. I’m a liar.

    Hell, maybe I am or maybe I’m delusional and just plain crazy. I’ve been called all of those things and often. But if I am it’s HELL and I mean a hell of a coincidence Static’s entire family, friends he grew up with acquaintances he meets on the street all have the same exact names of people I knew in real life,

    Nobody believes me, nobody cares, except my friend Heid…


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