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BOX OFFICE: Summer sequelitis slaughters MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL and SHAFT

Not even three stars of AVENGERS: ENDGAME can get people into theaters

Box Office Preview – Can MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL Make Any...

Samuel L. Jackson is back as SHAFT and Jim Jarmusch tackles zombies in THE DEAD DON'T DIE

2015 Glyph Comics Award winners announced, led by Shaft

The 2015 Glyph Awards were presented over the weekend, and here are the winners:

First ever McDuffie Award for Diversity finalists are announced

The finalists for the inaugural Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity Award have just been announced (disclosure: I am honored to have been one of...

Things about Denys Cowan: Dewars, Static, Shaft

I totally stole this from artist/producer Denys Cowan's FB page, but it's an interesting little sidenote, Back in the 90s people still read magazines, and liquor companies would purchase full page advertisements in these magazines. Man, history is SO WEIRD, right? Anyway, Dewars scotch ran a series of profiles of debonair achievers attempting to convince you that if you drank their scotch you would also be a debonair achiever. Cowan, then well known for his Batman and Question comics and about to co-found Milestone Media, was a fitting choice but it did seem like a win for comics at the time. This predated the Rob Liefeld Levis commercial, but both are a reminder that cartoonists as media figures is far from a recent phenomenon.

Walker and Evely announced as creative team on Dynamite’s SHAFT

Dynamite announced they would be doing a Shaft comic book a few months back, and now they have announced the creative team: David F. Walker and Bilquis Evely. Walker is a writer and filmmaker and one look at his blog BadAzz Mofo will tell you he's a complicated man. Plus he wrote a book on blaxploitation films so, yep. that works. Evely is a Brazillian artist who isn't an obvious choice, but an intriguing one. Variant covers are by Francesco Francavilla, Michael Avon Oeming, Ulises Farinas, Matt Haley, Sanford Greene, and a collaboration between Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz.