On June 2 – tomorrow – ComiXology Unlimited is adding and subtracting a few titles in its catalogue. Although, comparatively, there are significantly more titles arriving than leaving, so don’t worry – more than likely, you won’t have to binge-read tonight.

Subscribers will have access to a selection of comics from Black authors when the new catalogue comes in, including:

  • Captain America: Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me), Adam Kubert, Leinel Francis Yu
  • Black Panther: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuna, Jen Bartel
  • Shaft: A Complicated Man: David F. Walker, Bilquis Evely
  • Bitter Root Red Summer Special: David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, Chris Brunner, Sanford Greene, Daniel Lish, Dietrich Smith
  • Hardcore: Reloaded #1: Brandon Thomas, Leonardo Paciarotti, Francis Portela
  • Age of X-Man: Prisoner X: Vita Ayala, German Peralta

Other titles include Death Deluxe Edition, Adventure Time, the entire Age of X lineup, and more. In total, there are just over a thousand new titles coming to the platform. You can dig through all 36 pages of new arrivals over at ComiXology.

And, on the other hand, here are a few comics you might want to finish up ASAP before you have to pay full price for them: Death of X, Effigy, Hulk Gray, Darth Maul, Magneto: Not a Hero, Spider-Man & the X-Men and Star Wars: Mara Jade. Although there only two pages (56 comics total, you can read the full list here.

ComiXology Unlimited will run subscribers $5.99 a month, in exchange for occasional discounts and a catalogue of 25,000 digital comics.