In a series of Tweets on Monday morning, Gail Simone announced that she would be accepting bids on Twitter for art from George Perez’s final Wonder Woman story, with proceeds to be donated to Black Lives Matter. The auction will conclude on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020, at noon PDT.

The story from which the art was taken, “Valedictorian,” was illustrated by Perez, written by Simone, and included in Wonder Woman #600, which was originally published in August 2010.

On Twitter, Simone described the special significance that the page possesses for her. She explained that Perez was the creator responsible for bringing the full potential of Wonder Woman to the page, inspiring her own work as a writer the Wonder Woman monthly comic.

When the special anniversary issue Wonder Woman #600 was being put together, Simone received a call from the editor. She was told that the issue would include Perez’s farewell to the character, and he had requested that Simone herself write the story.

The art being auctioned by Simone to benefit Black Lives Matter.

Shortly after the comic had been published, Simone received a package in the mail that included the final two pages of art for the story. Simone explained that she framed the art and put it on her wall, where it could bring her joy every day, as it has.

The final version of the page.

However, Simone has decided that she will auction the final page of the comic on Twitter, with the proceeds benefiting Black Lives Matter.

The winning bid will receive the signed original art by Perez, a numbered copy of the Wonder Woman/Star Blossom script signed by Simone, and a signed and personalized copy of the omnibus collecting Simone’s run on Wonder Woman.

In order to bid on the art auction to support Black Lives Matter, include the hashtag #WonderWomanLot in a response to the Tweet with the amount of your bid. Simone states that she will announce the front-runner in two days to ensure all bids have been included.

In addition to launching her own auction, Simone has issued the #ComicsWriterChallenge, urging other comic book writers who might have art in their collection to select a piece to auction in order to raise money for Black Lives Matter.

UPDATE: In addition to the Perez art, signed script, and signed Wonder Woman omnibus, the auction prize now also includes a sketch by Colleen Doran, the co-creator and artist on the Star Blossom/Wonder Woman stories!