Mini-comics and stick-figure philosophy pioneer Matt Feazell has been turning out his delightful mini-comics since the ’80s. Now he had an Indiegogo campaign going for The Amazing Cynicalman Vol. 2, a collection of his weekly strips from 2002 on. Pledging $20 gets you a signed copy of the 160-page book, with a sketch on the title page, AND a collectible Cynicalman Thank-You card. Other perks are listed on the page, but in a note Feazell reports that the $300 perk is already gone: a set of 46 Cynicalman minicomic first printings from 1982 on… and his actual 1984 Swingline SF-15 Saddle Stapler with signed Letter of Authenticity.


The collection include not only Cynicalman but such supporting characters again like Stupid Boy, Antisocialman and CuteGirl, and new ones: Maw & Paw Headbanger, Ken Tucky, and Marlene Brando.


For those not familiar with Feazell’s work, he’s one of the purest cartoonists working, world building with a few simple lines.

Feazell has already made $1572 of his modest $850 goal—sometimes the good guys win.


  1. Wow! Something positive about a creator here for a change. How wonderful! Great to see some love for Matt and his work. Been a fan of his forever.

  2. My favorite “collected edition” is the brown paper bag full of Cynical Man minis I got from Matt about seven years ago. I have no idea how to shelve it, but I love it.

  3. One of my all-time favorites! My favorite score during my short time in Michigan was finding a bunch of Feazell minicomics at Green Brain Comics. This might well be the best money I spend on comics all year.

  4. I was just thinking about Matt the other day when I stopped my car and said, “ERT!” outloud. Glad to see that he’s still makin’ them comics.

  5. If Matt’s enthusiasm and humor could be harnessed to generate electricity, Hamtramck would be the next Dubai.

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