The first official image of David Corenswet suited up as the Man of Steel was released earlier in the week. If you haven’t been paying attention online, you most likely know it’s generated all sorts of hot takes. But when it comes to comic book movies that’s pretty much par for the course. Nevertheless, given filmmaker James Gunn‘s track record I still have complete faith in his abilities not only to do right by Superman but finally right the course for the direction of DC Comics movies. As Gunn has demonstrated time and time again, he’s actually someone in the film industry with a deep passion for not only comics but the creators.

Look no further than this picture Gunn posted on his social media featuring a cornucopia of comic book creators visiting the Superman set. The creators in attendance included Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, Angelo Exarhkios, Kevin Maguire, Carrie Williams, Scott Snyder, Josh Williamson, John Ostrander, Anne DePies, Jerry Ordway, Christina Merkler, Cameron Merkler, Dan Jurgens, and Jason Aaron.

It goes without saying that Hollywood hasn’t paid the proper respect to the legion of comic creators responsible for the comic properties that have gone on to become billion dollar properties. Yet time and time again, Gunn has proven himself a true champion for the comics industry. There’s no better example than the poster for The Suicide Squad film that featured at the bottom, “Get DC Comics in Comic Shops, Read DC Digital Comics At DC Universe Infinite.”

With SDCC right around the corner, it seems a safe bet for Warner Bros. to get an early start on the hype train and debut footage in the fabled Hall H. Although Gunn seemed to indicate on Threads that he’d be too busy shooting to attend SDCC, it’s entirely possible you may find time for a quick appearance. 

Superman is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 11, 2025.


  1. Completely agree. Gunn is the real deal. Couldn’t be happier that he’s making a real push to show how great comics can be, and to respect creators like this is amazing.

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