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By Its Cover #11: Nightcrawler Has A Beard

PLUS: This week's best designed covers!

By Its Cover #8: Spawn Variants In Any Color You Like

A look the color variants for Spawn #286. Plus, I dissect some title placement.

By Its Cover #7: Spider-Man’s Tangled Web Of Variant Covers

Amazing Spider-Man #800 practically shipped with 800 covers. How many is too many?

By Its Cover #5: We Believe In Textless Covers (Part 4)...

This is the third season in a column that judges a book by its cover. Catch up on theĀ current season, or view theĀ complete archive. We've...

Nice, we mean, AWESOME art: Michael Cho does Marvel February variants

The Beat has been a fan of Michael Cho's spot-on duo-tone illustrations for about as long as there has been a Beat. And now he's doing a full month of Marvel variants? How awesome can you get? Here's what we have thus far:

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 10/2/14: Film Festival!

Cartoonists doing thing, blabbing about it.

SDCC ’14: Michael Cho on ‘Shoplifter’ – Influence of Advertisement &...

by Zachary Clemente Michael Cho is an illustrator, cartoonist, and writer currently residing in Toronto. He has worked with Marvel, DC, and others. His graphic...