“It’s Spider-Man’s 60th and we wanted to celebrate in style by inviting some of the greatest creative minds in the world to celebrate it!” Editor Nick Lowe said in June’s announcement about the 1000th issue of Amazing Fantasy, which will feature contributions by some Marvel Comics all-stars, including Rainbow Rowell, Jonathan Hickman, Kurt Busiek, Olivier Coipel, Terry Dodson, Neil Gaiman, Armando IanucciDan Slott, Jim Cheung, Michael ChoAnthony Falcone, and Ho Che Anderson. We’ve already seen a sneak peek at the main cover by John Romita, Jr., but the Joe Quesada variant cover features Spidey stepping out in style.

When Spider-Man was first introduced on June 5th, 1962, in Amazing Fantasty #15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the notorious web-slinger also had web-wings. Yes, they were useless, but they were dope as hope. Over the course of the last 60 years, however, the web-wings have since disappeared from the comic page. Although Ben Reilly has acquired his own version of the retro Spidey-wings in the comics, the wings haven’t been a permanent fixture of Peter Parker’s costume outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when they were re-introduced on Tom Holland‘s supersuit in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, for a long time now.

The Amazing Spider-Man by Roger Stern, John Romita Jr., Jim Mooney, Bob Sharen, and Joe Rosen.
The Amazing Spider-Man #231 by Roger Stern, John Romita Jr., Jim Mooney, Bob Sharen, and Joe Rosen.

Yes, if you are a fan of Spidey’s more bizzaire characteristics, it’s been a long road getting from there to here, but thwip, thwip, mother-hopers, because it looks like we are seeing the return of the sexy, sexy web-wing! On July 13th, when Marvel released the John Romita Jr. cover design for the comic’s 1000 issue, it appears that Spider-Man’s web-wings are no more, no longer. (Now, let’s cross our fingers for more Man-Spider, too. Marvel, I’m sure that Sam Raimi would thank you).

But enough about my weird obsession with Spidey’s web-tech. Check out the full press release and Joe Quesada cover below:

This year marks 60 years of one of comic books’ greatest icons—SPIDER-MAN! In addition to an exciting relaunch of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, a stunning variant cover program, and more, Marvel Comics will also celebrate this milestone anniversary with a special issue honoring the comic that started it all, AMAZING FANTASY. Arriving in August, AMAZING FANTASY #1000 will be a giant-sized one-shot with stories that explore the past, present, and future of Amazing Spider-Man storytelling! In honor of the landmark issue, legendary comic creator Joe Quesada returns to Spider-Man with a breathtaking wraparound variant cover! The former Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief had a profound impact on the Spider-Man mythos, and now fans can once again see Peter Parker web-swing in Quesada’s iconic and captivating artwork!

Join the industry’s top talent in celebrating Spider-Man’s birthday when AMAZING FANTASY #1000 arrives on August 31! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

Here’s the Amazing Spider-Man #1000 variant cover by Quesada:

Spider-Man #1000 Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.

Look for Amazing Fantasy #1000 to arrive in August 31st and stay tuned for more information and reveals in the coming weeks.