Marvel has promised big things this year in celebration of Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary celebration. After a cryptic teaser yesterday, the publisher has announced a giant-sized Amazing Fantasy #1000 one-shot featuring a collection of stories by some of the most acclaimed creators in the industry.

Amazing Fantasty #1000Below is a breakdown of some of the creators and stories:

    • Visionary writer Neil Gaiman’s grand return to the Marvel Universe
    • Emmy Award winning creator behind Veep and Avenue 5 Armando Ianucci’s Marvel Comics debut
    • Spider-Man mastermind Dan Slott and superstar artist Jim Cheung team up to explore the enduring love between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in a story set in the far future
    • Acclaimed artist Michael Cho and novelist Anthony Falcone introduce a new Spider-Man villain
    • Ho Che Anderson crafts a horror-fueled Spidey adventure that cuts to Peter Parker’s core

Other creators mentioned in the teaser include Rainbow Rowell, Jonathan Hickman, Kurt Busiek, Olivier Coipel, Terry Dodson, and many more!

“It’s Spider-Man’s 60th and we wanted to celebrate in style by inviting some of the greatest creative minds in the world to celebrate it!” Editor Nick Lowe said.

Look for Amazing Fantasy #1000 to arrive in August and stay tuned for more information and reveals in the coming weeks.