Marvel Comics has released more details about the stories that will be featured in Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022) #1, including information about the introduction of Escapade, A.K.A. Shela Sexton, a new trans mutant who will make her debut in a twenty-page story by a creative team that includes Charlie Jane Anders, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Tamra Bonvillain.

Escapade in Marvel's Voices: Pride (2022) #1

Escapade’s Debut

Here’s what the press release from Marvel Comics had to say about Escapade’s power set:

“Escapade, whose real name is Shela Sexton, is a trans mutant who can instantaneously switch physical locations with another person or trade any specific physical or abstract attribute such as possessions, organizational status, skills, superhuman powers, and even situations!

“Escapade is only able to maintain the power for a few hours at a time and must be within 7 feet of her target, and the more complex the switch, the higher the chance of a mishap. Luckily for Escapade, she has an invaluable partner at her side, her tech-savvy best friend Morgan Red, along with a tool belt containing an arsenal of stolen tools and devices. Together, Escapade and Morgan tear through the Marvel Universe as professional thieves, stealing from criminal and corrupt organizations…until a meeting with Emma Frost and Destiny changes the course of Escapade’s life forever.”

This poster is right, Professor Xavier is a jerk! I hear he won’t even return Magneto’s calls…

In an interview with, Anders noted that, thanks to another story in the anthology written by Girl God Grace Freud, Escapade will not be the only new trans character to be introduced in Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022) #1.

After making her debut, Escapade will go on to be included on the New Mutants roster for an upcoming arc written by Anders. This echoes the journey of Somnus, another queer mutant who was created by Steve Orlando and Luciano Vecchio and made his debut in a Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2021) #1 story by Orlando, Claudia Aguirre, and Ariana Maher.

Somnus went on to join the Marauders roster in Marauders Annual (2022) #1 by Orlando, Creees Lee, Rain Beredo, Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson, continuing to appear in the currently ongoing Marauders title written by Orlando.

The Other Stories

In addition to the story that will debut Escapade, Marvel has released details on six other tales included in this year’s Pride anthology. Here’s the list of stories and creators from the Marvel Comics press release:

Valkyrie Rúna puts on the first ever Asgard Pride celebration in television writer and podcaster Ira Madison III and artist Lorenzo Susi Marvel Comics debut.

“Shuster and Eisner-winning writer Andrew Wheeler makes his Marvel debut alongside PATSY WALKER artist Brittney L. Williams in an action-packed story about Marvel’s newest power couple-Hercules and Marvel Boy!

Rev up your engines for a heart-bending story across space and time in a Moondragon story by IRON MAN scribe and lauded TV showrunner Christopher Cantwell and artist Kei Zama.

Nebula, World Fantasy, and Locus-award winner Alyssa Wong and fan-favorite artist Stephen Byrne reunite the Young Avengers in a story guaranteed to please fans new and old! Byrne will also depict the team in one of the issue’s variant covers!

Comedy writer Freud (Rick and Morty, the Eric Andre Show) brings her talents to Marvel with a story about the power of responsibility featuring the Marvel Universe’s favorite gay ginger, D-Man! She’s joined by Eisner-nominated artist Scott B. Henderson in his first work for Marvel!

And writer Danny Lore and artist Lucas Werneck revisit the legacy of Taku and Venomm, two Black Panther characters long left in the closet, in a tale of love and redemption!”

The anthology will also feature an introduction by Alex Phillips, a main cover by Nick Robles, and variant covers by Amy Reeder, Jen Bartel, Byrne, and Olivier Coipel.

Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022) #1

Marvel’s Voice: Pride (2022) will arrive at your local comic shop beginning on June 22nd, 2022. Will you be picking up a copy when it arrives? What do you think of Escapade?

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