The Beat is reporting LIVE! from the Marvel Movie Press Conference! So far we’ve been sitting in a room making jokes about our outlets for over an hour! But we’re told the director of CAPTAIN AMERICA will show up any minute now and our lives will change.

Meanwhile in Hall H, Marvel gathered the casts of Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy and brought out Joss Whedon to reveal Marvel AVENGERS 2: THE AGE OF ULTRON for Summer 2015.

What, no Thanos? Or not yet?

Karen Gillan plays Nebula and shaved her head Natalie Portman style:


Reports from hall H have people cheering, swooning and speaking in tongues over the goings on there as the likes of Frank Grillo and Colbie Smulders are brought out.

Meanwhile we’re working on some potential quotes;

“Working with John C. Reilly I have learned so much.”

“When we heard we were directing Captain America we were thrilled.”

“We have so much respect for the source material.”

“We were nervous at first but the fan response has been amazing.”


Update: Okay so we went a little stir crazy while waiting but eventually the stars and directors of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy appeared and answered questions in a far more thoughtful and articulate manner than we were teasing about. We’ll have some more quotes in a bit but our favorite line was when GotG director James Gunn explained that Benecio del Toro had once told him “I was the first kid in my neighborhood to own an alligator,” which Gunn said was one of his “five favorite sentences ever.” As you do.

The voices for Rocket Raccoon and Groot were not revealed.

Here are some logos and concept art that was released:









  1. Doesn’t Nebula have hair?

    Wonder what they’re doing with Thanos if he’s not the next Avengers villain. We get Ultron, but haven’t seen Hank Pym yet.

  2. A few months ago at a bar, I told my friend my awesome idea of how to get Ultron into the Avengers movie without Hank Pym involved at all. I hope they do something vaguely close to my idea so I can hit them with a groundless, baseless lawsuit.

  3. Well, if AVENGERS A.I. #1 accomplished anything, it showed Whedon, et al. what to avoid in doing an A.I. story. An A.I. isn’t a free-floating energy being inside a network. It’s software, and if the software doesn’t have access to databases, it doesn’t know a damn thing.


  4. @ Synsidar

    wireless connections? embedded database? An A.I. is a bit more than the usual software in that it can extend itself, writing its code. It could download bases of data and embed them in its code, or simply (“simply”) extablish links to external databases and generate code that read and write them. That said, Avengers A.I. was awful :)

  5. No Hank Pym in Avengers 2? Maybe Ultron could be an AIM creation (which in the comics would be M.O.D.O.K.).

  6. i was kinda hoping for thanos in the second flick and then ultron in the third movie where , by then , we would have a good amount of avengers (cap, thor, iron man , black widow , hawkeye, hulk, ant-man , quicksilver, scarlet witch , falcon, winter soldier, vision?, black panther?, doctor starnge?, luke cage?) taking on an army of ultrons. instead it looks like we’ll be getting a good amount of avengers taking on thanos and whatever army of henchmen he’ll have behind him. ’cause ya know if they don’t use every avenger to date in the big battle action scene of the third movie the fans will freak.

  7. “At first I thought Moondragon before the other reveal, but wishful think will ruin you.”

    I just re-read a big pile of Jim Starlin comics from the ’70s. I must have had Moondragon on the mind!

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