Con is over and I haven’t posted for days. Ever since my four panel day on Thursday is just been a marathon of walking, talking, eating and  watching endless parades of people waiting in line, queuing up and questing for the magic moment. San Diego is now a video game where every level is harder than the last, and requires more endurance.

Last night  probably a few thousand people were camped out to get into Hall H, a ragtag army of sleeping bags and lawn chairs. Some had  gear, some were just sitting on a curb in their shorts and t0shirt whiling away the night talking to fellow fans. I admit it’s kind of nuts, but they all had reasons and goals.





Many were holding spots in line, so by the morrow the line would be up to its full 6000. Still, it’s worth noting that as Hall H fills up it will be jammed with people who haven’t showered and spent the night curled up on a patch of cement.





The Saturday night of Comic-Con is always sad, the last glimpse of Brigadoon. Tomorrow, it will all be a memory. And the game will begin again.

I’ll have all my thoughts in a bit.