Dark Horse Comic’s next Stranger Things miniseriesInto the Fire, is set to debut its first issue tomorrow. Ahead of the title’s release, the publisher has announced an exclusive variant cover for the issue.

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1 Variant Cover by Bella Grace

The limited edition version of Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1 features a striking new cover by artist Bella Grace, and will be available only through the Dark Horse Direct shop. With a production run of 300 copies, the $49.99 bundle also includes an 11″ by 14″ giclee print of the cover art.

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1 Variant and Giclee Print

The bundle is the latest in Dark Horse Direct’s line of exclusive covers and prints. The publisher has released similar bundles for the previous Stranger Things miniseries, Six, as well as for titles including Strayed, Dragon Age: Blue Wraith, and the Umbrella Academy one-shot Hazel & Cha Cha Save Christmas. All with limited print runs ranging from 250 to 500, the only bundle to have sold out thus far is the one for Stranger Things: Six #1, which sported exclusive cover art of Eleven by Jenny Frison.

From the creative team of Jody Houser, Ryan Kelly, Le Beau Underwood, Triona Farrell, and Nate PiekosStranger Things: Into the Fire will continue Dark Horse’s expansion of the world of the hit Netflix series by introducing new survivors of the Hawkins Lab experiments that created Eleven. The series will also serve as a follow-up to the stories of several characters from the aforementioned Stranger Things: Six miniseries, also written by Houser.

The Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1 Variant Bundle is available now from Dark Horse Direct, while supplies last. The regular edition of the series’ first issue goes on sale in comic stores and digitally tomorrow.