Dark Horse Comics announced today at New York Comic Con a new Stranger Things miniseries that will continue to expand the world of the hit Netflix seriesStranger Things: Into The Fire is a four-issue miniseries that will follow a new group of survivors of the Hawkins Lab experiments that created Eleven. The series will be written by Jody Houser, scribe on the publisher’s two prior Stranger Things minis. Penciller Ryan Kelly, inker Le Beau Underwood, colorist Triona Farrell, and letterer Nate Piekos round out the creative team. Artist Viktor Kalvachev will provide the main cover for each issue.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the forthcoming Stranger Things: Into The Fire:

In Stranger Things: Into the Fire, years after escaping Hawkins Lab, two of Dr. Brenner’s former subjects try to return to their live normal lives. When news reaches them that the lab was shut down they go on a harrowing search for Nine, a powerful pyrokinetic, whose shattered psyche threatens to burn them all to ashes if they can’t find her and free her from her own malevolent imagination.

The series is the latest Stranger Things tie-in to come from Dark Horse as part of a multi-year licensing deal signed with Netflix in 2018. Houser has previously written two four-issue Stranger Things miniseries: The Other Side, which told a story concurrent to the show’s first season about Will Byers’s adventures in The Upside-Down; and Six, a series which introduced another Hawkins experimentee with precognitive abilities. The publisher also has an original graphic novel, Stranger Things: Zombie Boys, coming in February. That book, written by Greg Pak and with art by Valeria Favoccia, will follow the main characters of the TV series in the immediate aftermath of the events of the show’s first season.

Check out three of the covers for the first issue to the new series, by Kalvachev, Kyle Lambert, and Jeremy Wilson, below. Stranger Things: Into The Fire #1 will go on sale digitally and in stores on January 8th, 2020.

Stranger Things: Into The Fire #1 Cover A
Main Cover by Viktor Kalvachev
Stranger Things: Into The Fire #1 Cover B
Cover by Kyle Lambert
Stranger Things: Into The Fire #1 Cover C
Cover by Jeremy Wilson

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