Today sees the release of Marvel’s Strange Academy #1, the debut of a new series by writer Skottie Young and artists Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado. The first issue introduces a handful of new characters, primarily young magic-users, as they arrive for their first day at a New Orleans-based school staffed by the premiere mages of the Marvel Universe. To celebrate the series debut, Marvel has released a digital director’s cut of the issue, which is currently available through Comixology.

Strange Academy #1 Director's Cut

The Strange Academy #1 Director’s Cut features oodles of behind-the-scenes material, including Young’s full script for the issue, inked pages by Ramos, colored pages by Delgado, and a gallery of the issue’s half-dozen variant covers. All of this is available for $3.99, the price of the regular digital edition of the issue.

Digital editions like these continue to be a great way to get bonus material out to fans without the added expense of printing and shipping new editions of the books. Marvel’s been doing this more frequently, with titles like X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 and Strikeforce #1 being some of the more recent examples.

The Strange Academy #1 Director’s Cut is available now.