They said it couldn’t last, but The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl made the cut to all new, all different, all post Secret Wars Marvel and here’s a peek at the first issue, which hits in October. Writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson have made this a kicky title in the Batgirl/Lumberjanes tradition that has sold well enough in collected form to make the NY Times bestseller list. The new #1 finds Doreen Green balancing life as a college student with her butt kicking role as a New Avenger, aided by her squirrel companion Tippy Toe and her bestie Nancy. In other words, it’s a classic set up for Marvel style adventure.

Variant covers are by Ben Caldwell, with a hip-hop variant by Phil Noto and a Kirby Monster varietal by Chris Bachalo.







  1. I keep seeing the art for this book, and I have to ask – Is there some sort of in-story reason that every character has a puckered anus where their face should be?

  2. @RD – thanks for what will probably be the funniest comment that I will read today on the internet. I needed a good laugh and without a doubt you supplied it. thanks again.

  3. So, I got the entire run of the first series. I don’t think I’ll be coming back to this with the relaunch. Too expensive for something that I found only mildly amusing and didn’t care that much for the art. If nothing else, Secret Wars served as a good jumping-off point for this.

    And the $4.99 price tag for the relaunched Howard The Duck? Same thing.

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