Descender is back!  After a slightly longer than average hiatus, the series’ second arc, entitled “Machine Moon,” will begin in November.

The first arc of Descender made waves when it debuted at the beginning of this year.  Writer Jeff Lemire turned the classic premise of a boy and his dog on its head, setting their adventure in a dystopian sci-fi universe where the boy, more machine than human, just might be the key to saving what’s left of sentient life in space.  Artist Dustin Nugyen provides the warm heart to the cold mechanical exterior of the series through his trademark watercolor style, which adds an immeasurable amount of beauty and a sense of natural softness to the proceedings.

The first issue of the 2nd arc will feature a B-Cover by Lesley-Anne Green, Lemire’s wife and clay sculptor.


Image’s press release shed some light on the future of Tim-21.  Spoilers for those who haven’t read the first arc!  In the words of Lemire:

“We will see the hidden home world of the HARDWIRE, the robot resistance. More specifically, Tim-21, Telsa, Quon, and the gang will be brought there. But not all of TIM’s companions will make it that far,” said Lemire. “We will also delve deeper into the origin of TIM-22 and what makes him and TIM-21 unique from one another and what their existence means to one another and to the larger mystery. And on top of that we will introduce a MAJOR new character. One I am very excited about. One with links to TIM-21’s past and one who will change the course of the series completely.”

Descender is one of my favorite books in recent memory.  The first arc, “Tin Stars,” was recently collected in paperback.  I recently interviewed Jeff about Descender right here on The Beat.