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PREVIEW: Magic versus machines in Lemire and Nguyen's ASCENDER #1

The debut issue of the new series is available for pre-order through Monday, April 1st.

Image Comics Month-to Month Sales Chart January 2017: January Hymn

David Carter dives into January 2017's Image Comics Sales!

Image Month-to-Month Sales June 2016: Sleepers Awake

David Carter looks at the mad gains Image mysteriously acquired in June (take that, JK Simmons)!

Lemire & Nguyen’s Descender to Begin 2nd Arc in November

Descender is back!  After a slightly longer than average hiatus, the series' second arc, entitled "Machine Moon," will begin in November. The first arc of Descender made...

Stryfe Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Pull for 9/9/15

This week, a longtime staffer of the internet’s premiere comic book website, The Beat, became obsessed...obsessed with ‘90s X-Men comics. We tried to take away...

Interview: Descender’s Mail-Bot Speaks About Plutona and All Things Jeff-Bot

Descender's Mail-bot reveals comic creators who are in fact actually robots and speaks about all things Plutona. The answers may shock you.

Interview: Jeff Lemire on the Past, Present, and Future of his...

Jeff Lemire is one of the most prolific comics creators currently working in the industry.  Following his breakout graphic novel Essex County, Lemire has explored...

Interview: Jeff Lemire on the Stellar Future of Descender [Exclusive Art]

Jeff Lemire speaks with Comics Beat about his latest creator-owned venture with artist Dustin Nguyen, and the amazing universe they are building together.

SDCC ’14: Jeff Lemire Explores A Futuristic Universe Through A Child’s...

By Kyle Pinion Announced at Image Expo this year at San Diego Comic Con, Jeff Lemire's first ongoing series with Image, Descender, is described thusly: Ten...