Last year the Society of Illustrators added a medal competition for comics arts, parallel to those they have long given out for illustration. And here are the 2015 winners. While the judges weren’t revealed, The judges, chaired by Steven Guarnaccis and R. Sikoryak, are a prestigious let, . A complete list of artists selected for each category can be seen here. Gold and Silver medals are presented to work which display “high-quality technique, a strong narrative, and an interesting composition.” Winning works will be shown at two exhibitions, divided by categories. An Opening Reception and Awards Presentation for all medal winners will take place on Friday, June 19th beginning at 6PM at the Society of Illustrators.

Some of the other selected artists who’ll be at the MoCCA Festical April 11-12 include Alexandra Beguez, Rodger Binyone, Sam Bosma, Mike Dawson, Maelle Doliveux, Pat Dorian, C. M. Duffy, Hayley Gold, Peter and Maria Hoey, Keren Katz, Greg Kletsel, Kim Ku, Patrick Kyle, Nick Offerman, Maritsa Patrinos, David Plunkert, A. T. Pratt, and Jess Worby. MoCCA Fest will be held this year at Center 548 in Manhattan.

Short Form, Digital Media and Special Format: June 16 – July 18


Short Form: A Gold Medal is awarded to Bianca Gagnarelli for Fish (Nobrow).

Silver Medals go to Matthew Houston for Phone Book and Keren Katz for Mahana’im 134 (Humdrum Collective).


Digital Media: A Gold Medal goes to Lauren Weinstein for Carriers
Silver Medals go to Gemma Correll for Four Eyes Cartoons and Andrea Tsurumi for Yup/Nope.

Special Format: A Gold Medal goes to Rodger Binyone for Subterranean Level: 6XZ03188V.

Silver Medals go to Eitan Eloa for The Grimm Brothers According to Frischmann: Three Illustrated Stories and David Plunkert for Heroical #2.

Long Form, Single Image and Comic Strip: July 21 – August 15


Long Form: A Gold Medal is awarded to Olivier Schrauwen for Arsène Schrauwen (Fantagraphics).

Silver Medals go to Jaime Hernandez for The Love Bunglers (Fantagraphics) and Patrick Kyle for Distance Mover (Koyama Press).


Single Image: A Gold Medal is awarded to Roger De Muth for Squirrels Are Not Just For Breakfast Anymore. Silver Medals go to Carolita Johnson for Must Remember and Liam Walsh for Just Married. 

Comic Strip: A Gold Medal goes to Maëlle Doliveux for Little Nemo in Between Slumberland (Locust Moon). Silver Medals go to Fran Krause for Deep Dark Fears and TomTomorrow for Captain Kirk vs. the Internet.


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