You can’t have the end of the world without a few zombies. Earlier, Marvel announced Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies as a Secret Wars tie-in book. Today, Bloody Digusting announced a different Marvel Zombies in the never ending line of tie-in series. This book will feature the creative team of Si Spurrier (2000 AD) and Kev Walker (Magic: The Gathering). Marvel Zombies follows Nextwave veteran Elsa Bloodstone as she’s tasked with protecting a barrier part of the Battleworld known as “the Shield” from hordes of Marvel’s undead. All the while protecting her young companion and dealing with the memory of her father Ulysses Bloodstone.

In an interview with BD, Spurrier made it clear that while the story will center around Bloodstone’s internal and external obstacles there would be no shortage of horror fanatic zombie moments. Spurrier went into some graphic detail, “And hey, let’s not pretend that we don’t all get a bit of a kick out of simply seeing recognisable characters reimagined as decomposing cerebravores. That’s where Kev and I will get to cut loose on some fabulously icky visuals. Who doesn’t want to see a starvation-mad Sabretooth sucking up his own regenerating guts like spaghetti, or a zombie Carnage entirely composed of crusty bloodclots…? Fun.”

One thing more tie-in creators have been vocal about as of late is how much opportunity they’ve been given in these books to explore new things about both familiar and obscure characters. Instead of web like interconnectivity with the main event; it’s becoming more and more apparent that the majority of these tie-ins will have their own context readers can either pick up as separate tales or simply stay with the main Secret Wars book without feeling left out.

Marvel Zombies launches in June. It’s the second title to bare the Marvel Zombies name in Secret Wars, but no word on how long this series will run.




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