This week’s Small Press Spotlight is so jammed-packed that we are posting it in two parts. The publisher we’re highlighting today is Renegade Arts Entertainment and the company’s two new books dropping tomorrow, September 14. In part 1 of our spotlight, check out an exclusive preview of King Warrior by Jay Bulckaert, Erika Nyyssonen, and Lucas Green.

King Warrior

Read details from the publisher below:

“A family story with a fantasy appeal – a father working as a taxi driver in Yellowknife, the far north of the north, keeps connected to his son back in Somalia alive with a fantasy story he tells him, featuring Somali, North American, and Inuit elements. Then, his real life becomes more dramatic than the tale he’s telling.

Living in different worlds and separated by an ocean, a father and son try to stay connected through the power of imagination as their distanced lives pull them further apart.

Awale takes a job as a cab driver in Canada’s remote city of Yellowknife in order to provide for his family back home in Gaalkaycyo, Somalia. As his wife Warsan and young son Afrah struggle with his absence, Awale creates a world-building epic inspired by the wonders of his new Arctic home, in order to keep his son close to him.

Afrah dives deep into this magical world of Jaÿrikas, and through his imagination, the myths, legends, and diversity of the north are brought to life in such powerful ways that when tragedy strikes and all the worlds start to collide, Afrah is left with only one choice: to become the King Warrior.

A story spanning the globe both imaginary and real, King Warrior celebrates the turbulent glory of boyhood while encouraging the reader to reconnect with that rich inner palace of youthful imagination that ultimately holds the key to our freedom.”

Check out exclusive pages below and head here to purchase your copy.