Writer Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz are giving Vampirella a job she’s never had before: mom. Dynamite has announced that December’s Vampirella: Year One #6 will introduce the child of Vampirella, fathered by her late husband, Matt Ecsed. The birth will take place between flashback scenes in the primarily past-set series.

From Vampirella: Year One #1

Here’s Dynamite‘s description for Vampirella: Year One #6:

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage. But in Vampirella’s world, life doesn’t always go according to the fairy tales. Her complicated marriage with Matt Ecsed was motivated in part by a goal of preventing a curse that would resurrect and empower the devious Dracula, king of the vampires. In the epic finale of Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy, the Daughter of Drakulon became a widow, and now carries her late husband’s child. Then in the hotly anticipated Year One, Priest and artist Ergün Gündüz have been reaching back and expanding on Vampi’s earliest days as a rebellious teen on her home planet and what lead her to her adoptive Earth. In moments between these flashbacks, the saga continues with her pregnancy.

Priest began his run on Dynamite’s vampiric vamp in 2019, and the writer’s Vampirella has been an unqualified success for the publisher. The first issue of the series became Dynamite’s top-selling book of all-time shortly after its release. The conclusion of Vampirella: Year One and the birth of her child will propel the series into the next phase of Priest’s work on the character. How will motherhood change Vampi? Will she start wearing Mom Jeans? Maybe start driving a mini-van?

No word yet on when a baby shower will be held, what the sex of the child might be, or whether it will be born an alien vampire (presumably yes to that one). Don’t miss the blessed event when Vampirella: Year One #6 arrives in stores and digitally in December.