Is Vampi experiencing the same day over and over again? Seems like that is the case in the next issue of her ongoing series, Vampirella #667. Hitting stores on March 13, writer Christopher Priest and artist Ergün Gündüz continue their saga for the Daughter of Drakulon. Covers are from Lucio Parrillo, Felipe Massafera, Carla Cohen, Cosplayer Rachel Hollon, and Gündüz.
Read the details from Dynamite here:

The Daughter of Drakulon is slowly becoming aware of the fact that she is repeatedly living the same day, at the end of which she is murdered by an unknown blonde assailant. Cracks start to form in Vampirella’s new status quo as she begins to realize that this reality, as well as the happy life she has here, is not real – but the dark consequences of the elaborate charade she is living are!

The acclaimed creative team of writer CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and artist ERGUN GUNDUZ are joined by fan-favorite cover artists LUCIO PARRILLO, FELIPE MASSAFERA, and CARLA COHEN for this ongoing celebration of Vampirella’s six decades in comics in Vampirella #667- continuing the series’ legacy numbering that reflects all of Vampi’s previous appearances in print. This special 40-page issue also includes six bonus pages from Vampirella: Interstellar that tie into a major story twist!
Vampirella #667 is available next month. Check out some preview pages below!